5 Best Free Toyota VIN Decoder Tools in 2022

How do you know a car better? There are various ways to do that, starting with checking around. You can also ask your car dealer, seller, or mechanic about it. Such sources will, however, not give you everything.

There are different types of decoder tools. For those who drive a Toyota, there are specialized ones for these types of vehicles. So, if you want to know your Toyota well, VIN and a decoding tool are essential.

So, it’s time to locate your Toyota VIN. After that, use the five best recommendations below to know what’s in the characters.

Top 5 Toyota VIN Decoding Platforms


VinPit is one of the best Toyota VIN decoder tools we have on the internet. There are reasons for such claims starting with the fact that it’s easy to reach and use. The website will only require the Toyota VIN to give you the rest of the results.

The fun part is that you don’t have to download, sign up, or subscribe to anything. Once you capture that VIN, the next part is entering it in the website’s designated input field. The website covers all types of Toyota regardless of where they came from or were assembled.

You can enter your VIN directly or use the link with the specific model. The platform responds with accurate information about Toyota’s VIN. First, if you are getting some data, it means the VIN is not fake.

VinPit can verify that as part of the decoding process. It will go ahead to show you the following:

    • The car’s manufacturing details
    • The model, transmission, and safety information
    • The serial number
    • Year of manufacture
    • Maintenance and repairs conducted
    • Any accidents involved
    • Crime involvement, including minor traffic offenses
    • Photos of the car, if available on the internet
    • Previous owners and the car’s title registration
    • Etc.

What is available depends on what VinPit can get hold of concerning the VIN entered. It gets the data from various recommendable sources whose databases are continually updated.

That includes NMVTIS and NTHSA. There is no limit to the VIN check service in VinPit. You can perform an unlimited number of searches and get results within a few minutes. Since you only need the VIN to decode, it’s one of the most straightforward websites.

It also does not leave any digital footprint. So, your searches will be clean all through. If you are searching for a VIN belonging to a second-hand Toyota, the seller will not know.


VinAudit is also another decoding tool with a Toyota category on it. It has been around since 2012, giving people VIN lookup services as it expanded to the current date. You can get a Toyota’s information directly without going through a third party.

It will cost you a dollar only to search for a Toyota VIN. If you are fond of looking up, you can pay the $20 monthly subscription. Either way, it’s cheap for both those decoding once or continuously.

What you may not get is extensive information from the decoding process. The details are legit since they come from NMVTIS, car dealers, and other authorized sources.

It’s mainly used by car dealers since there are affordable subscriptions for their daily decoding exercise.


CarVertical is one of the best Toyota decoders out there for a good reason. It’s one of the Toyota VIN search platforms that is blockchain-based. That means what you get is an input that no one can alter.

It’s, therefore, a safe platform to get the correct information collected from numerous global databases. They include official government sources, police reports, and other official reports updated by individuals.

With CarVertical, you will know everything from the car’s mileage level to whether the VIN is fake or not. It’s web-based, which means easy reach if you are connected to the internet. If your Toyota is a second-hand import, you can rely on this website for worthy information.

Toyota Parts Center

The decoding page on this website does not say much despite being associated with Toyota. It’s, however, a savior for those buying new Toyotas. Why? Because it will show you everything from the model details to the crash test ratings.

You can use it to learn more about cars manufactured between last year and a few years ago. The problem with this website is that you cannot rely on it for older Toyota models.

It’s also not that sophisticated; you cannot find much information apart from the blog page. This is a recommendable site if you want to know the correct parts for your Toyota.


FaxVIN is our last recommendation, requiring you to have an account before decoding that Toyota VIN. After that, getting the information you need at a fee is seamless. It has a Toyota decoding page where you get what’s available based on the sources.

There is ample information on the page regarding VINs and the decoding process. If you don’t know what a VIN is, they can also educate you on how to find it. The decoding results will contain the car’s model and manufacturing information.

More will involve police records, current and past owners, and maintenance reports. They get the data from NHTSA, NMVTIS, car insurance companies, car dealerships, and law enforcement reports.

What Do You Need Before Performing a Toyota VIN Check?

Before you check for the Toyota VIN, you must first understand it. It’s a 17-digit character code that tells you more about the car. You need to note that the VIN is unique to every vehicle, even though they have the same model.

The digits are found on different parts of the car and its documents. It should be the same all through. It’s therefore advisable to check on various points before confirming it’s the exact one.

Lastly, as we shared in the review above, you need recommendable decoding tools. Such platforms will give you authentic information you can compare and confirm with appropriate authorities.


The above represents a review of the best websites to help you decode a Toyota VIN. They are all online tools that enable you to check up on a VIN within minutes. The report you get is downloadable for offline use.

You can therefore use such websites to verify what the car seller shows you. Start with VinPit to get the decoded details within a minute.

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