Being a pedestrian involved in a car accident is one of the most terrible experiences in life. Along with apparent physical injuries, a hit pedestrian may also experience emotional and psychological problems.

You will most likely be in a state of physical or emotional shock if you are still conscious after being hit by a car. Whatever the circumstance, you must take some post-accident procedures to protect your legal rights as soon as you can function rationally.

Do not discuss fault at the scene or with the driver’s insurance company.

Regardless of whether the events that led to your getting hit by a car were the driver’s fault or your own, you probably aren’t entirely aware of the legislation regarding pedestrian accidents. The defendant may use everything you say at the scene against you if you take legal action. Only your Grand Rapids pedestrian accident attorney should hear your account of the events.

Make a police report.

Making notes outlining the circumstances leading up to the accident is advised. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that you will be able to remember things physically or emotionally. Even if you can think of a series of events, you might not have paper or a pen to record them.

You should call the police immediately and make a police report. This is the ideal opportunity to outline exactly what occurred before the accident because your insurance company or lawyer may demand a police record that documents the accident.

Seek immediate medical attention

This obligation is with the driver or witnesses if a car hits you and you are unconscious. However, you are in charge if you are awake after the accident. Your body will almost certainly be in shock after the accident, which could impair your judgment and make it difficult for you to distinguish between discomfort and injury. Even if you feel fine, call 911 for immediate assistance and a thorough medical evaluation.

Keep a record of your injuries.

Take a personal inventory after contacting medical services.

  • What parts of your body are hurting?
  • Are there any visible damages?
  • Are there any rips in your clothing? If so, ripped clothing might point to a part of the body that is hurt but isn’t necessarily hurting right now.

Feel your head, face, and extremities. Is there any blood here? Although you may be bleeding, shock may prevent your body from “processing” the pain that comes along with it.

Consult a pedestrian accident lawyer

A pedestrian struck by an automobile will likely suffer more severe injuries than a car’s occupants. Physical, mental, and financial challenges could result from these injuries and negatively influence your life.

Most likely, the insurance company for the other driver will try to blame you for the accident and reject any claims you make. If they give you a settlement, it will probably be undervalued and not consider any problems you might face in the future. You can safeguard your legal rights and way of life by engaging an experienced pedestrian accident attorney.




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