5 Questions to Ask a Potential Personal Injury Lawyer in Indiana

Personal injuries are serious. So it makes sense that you should put effort when looking for a personal injury attorney in Indiana.

It is also natural for accident victims to look around for attorneys until they get a perfect fit. In a way, you should interview your lawyer before you commit to hiring one. To do so, you will need to ask some of the following questions:

1. Can You Deal with My Case?

Good Fort Wayne personal injury lawyer knows their limits and understands that they may devote a lot of time, energy, and talent to their work.

The attorney you want to hire must believe in the causes and people they represent. Such attorneys won’t sign up clients if they know the personal injury case can’t get the attention it needs.

2. What Kind of Cases Do You Specialize In?

Personal injury involves a variety of injuries and situations. It may arise due to burning injuries, workplace injuries, livestock injuries, and nursing home abuse, to name a few.

So you should ask a potential personal injury lawyer in Indiana how much experience they have in dealing with cases like yours. Generally, it will be a great idea to hire a lawyer with experience in the law field related to your case.

3.  How Much Do You Charge?

Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. That means you won’t pay any fee unless compensated for your injuries and damages.

If you recover compensation, your attorney will take a certain percentage of the total award. Usually, it can be 25% or 40%.

It is also vital that you know the qualifications of your attorney. Although a lawyer may say they will charge you a 30% contingency fee, they may not qualify to deal with your injury case.

4. Can You Present References from Previous Clients?

This is a reasonable request for you to make. But because of client-attorney confidentiality, some personal injury attorneys in Indiana won’t simply provide you with their previous clients’ contact details.

It will be upon you to research online and go through reviews to know what previous clients say about the lawyer you want to hire. If there are no, few, or poor online reviews from previous clients, it is likely there is a problem.

5. For How Long Will My Case Take?

It is essential to know that no lawyer will tell you how long your injury case may take. And if you come across one that guarantees everything will be dealt with in a particular time, steer clear.

Personal injury cases don’t rest on personal injury attorneys. Many factors determine how it may take for an attorney to settle a case, some of which you and your attorney can’t control.

The Bottom Line!

Great personal injury attorneys take a lot of work to come by. The stress of financial losses and injuries is also hard to bear. And bringing an inexperienced attorney into the mix can’t help. So ensure you look for the best attorney to represent you honestly, faithfully, and fairly.