A complete buyers guide: pipes, vapes, and papers

You can be new to the scene or a seasoned smoker, but you’ve definitely always been curious about the various consumption techniques accessible. 

Entering a tobacco smoke shop wholesale with hundreds of options might be frightening, especially if you don’t know what you’re searching for. 

Fortunately, our industry pros are well-versed in the many varieties of glass pipes, wraps, and vaporizers. 

Review our in-depth buyer’s guide to better understand your options for all three kinds of things in order to make the best pick for your interests and budget.


Have you thought of getting a vaporizer? Maybe you’re trying to quit smoking and need a better method to get your nicotine fix. 

Perhaps you’re seeking for a better alternative because you’re tired of the bad associations with smoking. 

Making the conversion from cigarettes to vaporizers may also be pricey due to high cigarette tax rates, which may make the habit as expensive as $10 per day. 

If this is the case, switching to a vaporizer instead of a pack of cigarettes every day might cut your yearly expenses by about a third.


A Cigalikes is an excellent place to begin if you are completely new to vaping and are unsure if the solution will work for you. A cigalike is an electronic cigarette that looks and feels like a traditional cigarette. 

They help you to become acclimated to vaping without having to spend a lot of money since they are easy to use. 

Typically, the two components are the battery and the cartridge. Within the cartridge, there is flavored e-liquid and a resistance wire that turns the e-liquid to vapor. 

The air sensor, which activates the device when you take a puff, is often situated near the battery.

Cigalikes may be found at practically every gas station and drugstore. You may buy completely disposable vapes or kit versions that contain prefilled or refillable cartridges. 

Because they are so basic to use, this is where most people start and may opt to upgrade to a different, more complicated model.

The vaporizer pen

The vape pen is unquestionably the most popular kind of electronic cigarette. They last longer than your average Cigalike and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and decorations. 

They also work well as an upgrade from cigalikes; once people become habituated to vaping, a vape pen is the natural next step.

A vape pen’s size might range from that of a regular pen to that of a cigar. They are equally as portable as the Cigalike because to the extended battery life. 

The majority of vape pens have capacities ranging from 650mAh to 900mAh, 1100mAh to 1300mAh and beyond. 

This gives considerable battery capacity for several users and should last all day or longer depending on how often you smoke. 

This increases the amount of time between refills or cartridge swaps for Vape Pens that use the Cigalike.

Most vape pens feature refillable tanks, allowing you to try out many of the wonderful e-Juice flavors available at 710 Pipes. 

As a result, vape pens are less expensive than buying a normal pack of cigarettes or a disposable vape cartridge like Cigalike.


Typically, hand pipes are made of one of three materials: glass, wood, or metal. Any user would be wise to examine the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of instrument in order to have the best possible experience. 

Today, we’ll compare the top three pipe materials.

A pipe made of glass

Glass pipes are the most common, so those who like them are in luck. Glass pipes are the most popular kind found in pipe shops, and 710pipes has a large range of them in both our Northglenn and Denver locations. 

Glass pipes are popular among experienced users since they are inert and produce a pure, unadulterated flavor. Furthermore, glass pipes are frequently smoother than pipes made of other materials. 

If you want to retain this degree of perfection, you must avoid having too much built-up resin from past applications. 

However, cleaning these pipes is by far the easiest. Simply soak your piece in a bowl of 90% isopropyl alcohol before bed, and all of the debris should dissolve by morning. 

This usually works, but if the buildup is really tough, adding rock salt with the alcohol will provide the extra power required.

Pipes made of wood

Wood pipes have lately grown in popularity. They have a throwback, 1950s vibe about them. The classic beauty and velvety touch of a wood pipe are impossible to ignore. 

Furthermore, they often impart a Smokey, natural flavor to whatever you’re smoking, which some people like and others want to avoid. Personally, I like my wood pipe and would encourage any pipe fan to get one. 

If you enjoy the appearance and flavor, it might become your new favorite.


While most customers like our durable, long-lasting glasses, some may just want to spend a little more cash or spend a weekend in the 303 without hauling home paraphernalia. 

We still have a range of rolling sheets to cover you for that. Although papers are often quite similar in size, shape, and price, there are significant differences within packs that have a significant impact on how you smoke.

Rice paper

Rice sheets are often the thinnest option. As a result, they are more difficult to wrap and hold firmly while smoking, but your lungs will thank you. 

Rice papers, despite their small size, give the lovely, steady burn that many of us like, enabling you to relax and take your time as you huff and pass. 

Furthermore, there is nearly no aftertaste, retaining the natural flavor of the plant. If you wish to smoke in the humid heat or during a rainfall, go somewhere else since moist air will not work with rice papers.

Wood pulp

For more than a century, wood pulp has been a popular product used in a variety of residential applications. 

They may also be blended with other types of fiber and versions, with or without bleaching (brown or white, respectively). Wood pulp joints are strong and retain their shape well. 

If you live in a humid area or perspire often, wood pulp sheets can tolerate moisture from your hands rather well. 

They burn rather quickly in comparison to other options. Wood pulp may be highly abrasive to the lungs, as might be expected when inhaling wood, as any smoke shops wholesaler would tell you.

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