Advantages and disadvantages of an air conditioner

Want fresh air in your home or office free from heat and humidity? By reading this article, you will learn about the pros and cons of the machine. Do consider not only the advantages but also consider the disadvantages. Below are the advantages and also the disadvantages to consider.


Many people prefer to use these machines to improve their living conditions at home or office. They are also used to keep people with weather health problems.


Improves air quality

These machines can create a very healthy atmosphere because they can filter dust and other environmental particles. They also reduce humidity, and because of this, they can check mildew and growth.

Reduce infections such as asthma and allergies

When one is exposed to mould, this increases their chance of getting asthma and other allergies. The machines also help disinfect the air that we use to breathe. While using the devices, it is advisable to close your door or window to prevent the entry of pathogens such as bacteria and dust.

Prevents dehydration

Under excessive heat exposure, the body starts to sweat; during this process, the body loses a lot of water. To avoid dehydration, you must recover the lost moisture from the body. But thanks to the air conditioner, one can minimize water loss, which will prevent dehydration.

Prevents heat strokes

Too much heat makes the body have a hard time regulating its temperature. This problem can cause harm to your body organs, such as the brain and many others. But having these cooling machines can help avoid heat stroke.


Skin dryness

It would be best to be careful while spending most of your time in air-conditioned rooms. It is because you can lose your skin moisture, making it dry. You might also dry your mucous membrane. Most importantly, it is not guaranteed that it is safe to start in a fully air-conditioned house.

Excessive electricity consumption

The machine consumes a lot of power, leading to financial issues, especially for the people who have to pay electricity bills and other matters concerning environmental control.

Respiratory infections and allergies

Like any other machine, the machine also needs to be cleaned. Failure to do this can cause bacteria, dust and pollen air to build in the air filters, and the rise of asthma Or any other diseases associated with the respiratory surface will increase.

Aggravation of respiratory surfaces

Symptoms of respiratory surfaces can be reduced by setting a high environmental temperature and decreasing it since there has been a temperature change which worsens some respiratory surfaces.


These machines produce noise which might be a source of distraction. Most of these machines make unlimited noise.

It can cause laziness

These machines make an environment more comfortable to stay in, but this can make one lazy to avoid daily chores. It can also affect your physical fitness.


Well, the above are facts that are explained and must be considered. Anyone willing to buy these machines should look at the wrong sides of the devices too and be ready to encounter both the pros and cons.