In men, penis size is a common source of anxiety. This leads to them often searching for treatments for penis enlargement Toronto. Undergoing the surgery is not always a viable option. Going under the knife is never an easy decision to make. One often ends up looking for other non-invasive options that can help to achieve the desired goals. As there is so much stigma around it, men often find it embarrassing to talk about it. There are two non-invasive treatments for penis enlargement. We are here to tell you about them.

What are the treatment options available?

When looking for non-invasive penis enlargement treatment options, you might find a lot of pills and creams that can be used. These methods often have a lot of risks associated with them. There are non-invasive cosmetic procedures with minimal risks that can help you to achieve the desired results. They are as follows:

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid, which occurs naturally in the body. When injected into a flaccid penis, it increases the girth and length. As there is nothing synthetic in the filler, it is a safer option. With time, the HA molecules are absorbed by the body, so the results achieved are temporary. Hyaluronic Acid stimulates collagen production. Repeated treatments can create lasting tissue enhancement. When opting for dermal fillers, you will see an immediate increase in size. Repeated treatments will allow a sustainable size augmentation.

P- Shot

Priapus Shot or PR shot is the newest treatment option that can help to enhance the growth and performance of the penis. It does so without the risks associated with surgery. It is a quick and natural alternative.

PRP Therapy

For some men, undergoing PRP treatment can enhance penis function. Platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP is a treatment process which makes use of the plasma that is present in the blood. During the treatment, blood is derived from the body. Then it is spun at high speeds in a centrifuge that allows the blood cells to separate from the plasma. This plasma is then injected back into the penis tissue. The reason behind this is that plasma has growth factors which stimulate cell repair and blood vessel development. It also generates the production of collagen and elastin, which provides the tissue with resilience, strength and thickness. PRP therapy leads to the activation of stem cells which tighten, re-contour and regenerate tissues.

What happens after the treatment?

You might experience mild swelling, bruising and temporary lumps after the treatment. There might be a little discomfort. It is recommended to avoid any strenuous activities like working out and having sex for about a week.

Are the results permanent?

The results from the above-mentioned treatment are not permanent. Results from PRP last for about 2 years. Dermal fillers take about 9 to 12 months to dissolve. To maintain the results that you have achieved, it is recommended to repeat them. Repeating will help to build up collagen naturally which will be permanent.