Benzoyl Peroxide Wash & The Foods That Impact Acne 

When you’ve got acne, things can be pretty miserable, particularly if you don’t seem to be able to make things better over a prolonged period. Benzoyl peroxide wash, however, can be very effective against the problem, which is why it’s used by millions of people across the globe. 

That said, the food we eat can have a big impact, either positively or negatively, on acne. Of course, not everyone’s acne is caused by food, but when your diet is a good one, it won’t exacerbate the problem. So, come with us now as we examine the foods that matter when it comes to your breakouts. 

Milk Impacts the Benefits of Benzoyl Peroxide Wash  

The truth of the matter is that if you love a nice glass of milk from time to time, it’s likely to have a detrimental effect on your spots. The more of it you drink, the worse it’s likely to get, but why? Well, it’s still up for debate as science is unclear on the subject, but it might have something to do with the hormones that’s found in milk. If you have acne, try and stay away from milk. 

What About Sugary Foods?

One this is for sure – sugary foods and drinks aren’t good for acne-prone skin. Candy and sodas are amongst the worst offenders, but so are sugar-rich foods. That means that white bread, cakes and rice are included, as they’re high up on the glycemic index. This can cause your body to produce too much insulin, which then impacts other hormones that boost sebum production. 

Fiber Is Good For Acne 

One of the food groups that’s not likely to impact the positive effects of benzoyl peroxide wash is fiber, which is known to help the condition. Again, science can’t yet pinpoint exactly why that is, but it relates to blood sugar levels – which fiber helps to regulate. So, by including carrots, apples, beans and other high-fiber options in your diet, you may see an improvement. 

Oysters Offer Useful Zinc

Not everyone is a fan of oysters, but if they’re something you enjoy, your acne will certainly benefit from you eating them. That’s because they contain lots of zinc, which is useful in the way that it kills acne bacteria, as well as brings down inflammation. Don’t overdose on zinc though, as that can cause its own issues, meaning that around 40 mg a day is plenty. 

Nuts Are Also Amazing For Acne 

When a person is affected by acne, they often have deficiencies in vitamin E and other antioxidants like selenium. Brazil nuts, almonds and peanuts in particular are packed with these properties, allowing them to protect your skin cells from both infection and damage. Don’t go crazy with it, however, as a handful of nuts should be more than enough for your needs. 

Allowing Your Benzoyl Peroxide Wash to Work Unimpeded

Anyone suffering from acne needs to be aware of the strong link between diet and acne flare-ups, so it’s vital that you keep a watchful eye on what you eat each day. 

You see, if you don’t pay enough attention to it, then you’re at a disadvantage in your attempts to control your breakouts, and your benzoyl peroxide simply won’t work to its full potential. 

Focus your diet on containing lots of fiber and not too much in the way of dairy or refined sugar and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get to enjoy a clear complexion. 

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