Hair loss is a difficult experience in itself. It takes a toll on emotional health. Watching a head full of hair go bald can be too much to deal with. When hair loss is taking place, we even find ourselves feeling helpless. We try almost everything under the stars to save whatever hair we have remaining. The procedure that we don’t often consider that can bring about a significant change is hair transplantation. FUE Toronto has brought about a revolution in the way hair transplant is carried out. It is minimally invasive and almost scarless. We are here to bust some popular myths about hair transplantation to make decision-making easier.

Myth: Hair transplantation is a treatment option only for men

It is a common belief that hair transplantation is a treatment option only for male pattern baldness. That is far from the truth. Women choose to undergo the procedure to keep their long hair intact. Androgenic alopecia is experienced differently by men and women. Hair transplantation can help to achieve satisfying results in both cases.

Myth: Hair transplantation is the ideal way to treat hair loss

There are various other methods which can help to deal with hair loss. Treatment is dependent on the reason behind hair loss and its severity. Before deciding to undergo the hair transplantation procedure, the specialist will carry out a thorough examination. It works as a great treatment option when the hair shedding process has come to an end and no other option is available.

Myth: After the transplantation, you don’t require any other scalp and hair treatment

During hair transplantation, the follicles that are resistant to DHT are relocated. With time, these grafts resist fallout and thrive. There is a possibility that the follicles around it might begin to shut down and the crown area could continue to lose hair. Genetic hair loss happens at different rates and patterns but it is progressive. If you are concerned about healthy-looking hair, you can choose to undergo a second FUE session or pair it up with PRP. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP is often considered a great option to pair with FUE as it promotes faster healing and reduces inflammation. It also promotes the growth of new hair.

Myth: Opting for a body hair transplant is an easier alternative

During the hair transplantation procedure, the follicles are extracted from the back or side of the head. This is done so because follicles here are resistant to DHT and are naturally thicker. Recent advancement in technology has allowed hair to be transplanted from other parts of the body. However, the nature of hair on other parts is different from the hair on the scalp. Results achieved from such a transplant aren’t satisfying.

Myth: You can instantly see results

Even though the follicles have been transplanted correctly into the new location, it still takes time to begin seeing results. The follicles first heal before they can create new strands of hair. Often after the transplantation, the hair from the follicles falls out. You begin to see new hair come up in about 3 months. It takes about a year to see and enjoy the final results.