Car windows stickers – how to use them?

You have just taken your new Porsche out of the showroom or bought a second-hand classic model? Perhaps you have the feeling that although your car is visually perfect, it does not fully reflect your personality. And this is what it is meant to be. This problem can be solved by several factors – firstly, take care of the interior so that it is more suited to you, for example, arrange the necessary everyday items in the selected compartment. Secondly, use a car windows sticker to convey your personality to the people seeing your car. What should you know about stickers on car windows to let them do the job?

What are car windows stickers?

Of course, you have had the opportunity to see a car covered with various designer symbols. Although the nicknames or characters from the most popular fairy tales are the most frequent, nothing prevents you from choosing less common patterns. Car stickers give you two solutions:

  • Use them for cosmetic purposes – you can easily hide the front car mirror so that it is not visible from the outside. It will be certainly a cheaper option and less invasive than replacing this element of your car’s equipment.
  • Decorate your vehiclecar windows stickers can be used to personalize your vehicle. You can, for example, purchase a sticker with your name and the flag of the country you come from. Recently, patterns depicting the engine theme are very popular too.

When buying stickers to wrap your Porsche, keep in mind that they should be made of excellent quality material, for example durable foil. It is equally important that the sticker be safe in the glued place, e.g. it does not collide with the wipers, or it is not damaged when opening the car window.

What are car stickers used for?

Stickers are primarily about expressing your character in an extremely effective way. You decide what colours, patterns, and even inscriptions will decorate your car, so feel free to do something unique. Car window stickers catch the eye of passers-by and other drivers.

This gadget is also used to cover certain defects that spoil the overall perception of a car. If your car has a defect that you feel does not make sense to remove by a specialized company, a car sticker will be a practical solution for you. The effects of small bumps or abrasions, visible on car windows, are easy to hide under stickers on car windows.

In addition, the stickers can be designed by you. Choose your favourite colour and theme, and then outsource the crafting of the sticker to a company that deals with that. Your friends will immediately recognize the car you are driving, as it will have its unique charm.

What are the best places to put car windows stickers? 

You bought your Car Window Stickers, but you are not sure where to put them? Think carefully about what you expect from the purchased gadget – should it be visible? Or maybe it’s just decoration for you? It is your preferences that largely determine the placement of the purchased stickers. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing that the most frequently chosen place for this type of decoration is the rear of the car, specifically the rear windows. Some Porsche owners also decide to put car window stickers on the sides of the vehicle. Of course, the front is not forbidden, but keep in mind that the decoration should not affect the comfort of driving or impair visibility. Putting a sticker on the windscreen just above the steering wheel would be the worst choice.

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