Chill Out: Top Reasons Why You Should Opt For An Air Cooler

If you find the hot season uncomfortable, consider a cooling system that will suit all kinds of spaces. There are effectively three cooling systems available – electric fans, air coolers and air conditioners. 

Although the most modern technology of air conditioners is widely preferred, the benefits of using an air cooler are quite underrated. Before moving further, let us know a bit about the air cooler and its working. 

Air cooler and its working principle 

An air cooler is a home appliance used to supply cool air. It uses the principle of evaporative cooling. The principle of evaporative cooling states that warm air transfers heat to liquid water turning it into vapor. While doing so, the liquid water gets cooler. The fan distributes this cooler air to the space to be cooled. Air coolers have numerous benefits, some of which are discussed below. 

1. It supplies Cooler and Healthier Air 

Air cooler supplies natural air which involves phase conversion from liquid to vapour state. In the hot season, to avoid excessive sweating and instances of heat strokes, air coolers can help lower the temperatures considerably. 

Also, if you live in dry areas, the use of an air cooler can be quite beneficial since it supplies humid air. It keeps your skin and eyes from drying out. 

2. Easy-to-Install & Compact

An advantage of an air cooler is that the unit is easy to operate and does not need any additional parts or complicated installation methods. They are ready to use once you pour sufficient water in the air cooler and need just a power outlet port to be switched on. 

If you live in a rental, air coolers are portable with little inconvenience. Also, since they are compact and occupy less space, they can find applications in almost every household. 

3. Comparatively Cost-efficient 

Air coolers are preferred over other cooling options due to their low maintenance and electricity usage. The systems are cost-efficient and so are affordable for every office and household space. Also, their repair costs are also quite reasonable comparatively. 

4. Portable and Outdoor-usage Friendly 

Whether you wish to cool the air in your bedroom or your kitchen, a single air cooler can perform the task for you. The cooling system is portable, unlike the other options. Secondly, air coolers need a warm air supply and hence can be easily used for outdoor purposes. For eg, a lawn or a balcony. In fact, the air cooler can perform effectively if placed in front of a window. 


Cooling systems are a necessity in present times owing to the global rise in temperatures. Among the several systems available, air coolers are some of the most preferred options. Cost efficiency, low maintenance and portability are some benefits that make them a good choice. 

During the summer months, temperature rise can result in heatstrokes and dizziness. To avoid so, air coolers can be used for cooler and humid air. If you are looking for a cooling system that is easy to operate and affordable, air coolers are the choice for you. 

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