Commercial Sinks

A commercial kitchen is a place where food preparation takes place. Various commercial kitchen appliances help with cooking and make it easier to do large volumes of work at once. It includes slicing vegetables or preparing meat on an open flame grill without losing heat from your meal.

This kitchen is also equipped with commercial sinks with features designed exclusively, so you don’t have to worry too much about keeping things clean while doing your best work every day. That’s because who wants dishes piling up. Read this article to learn everything about commercial sinks and their purposes.

Commercial sinks for catering are as indispensable as a stainless steel table, not only for reasons of practicality, but also because their installation sites are in most cases prescribed by sanitary norms and rules that are better not to be ignored. The more successful the catering establishment, the more powerful the continuous flow of used dishes — from fragile crystal glasses to heavy cast-iron boilers that need to be washed quickly and efficiently.

The choice of this type of stainless steel kitchen equipment is quite large today, so several factors should be taken into account in the process of selecting equipment. According to its design, a stainless steel sinks can be:

  • welded, which consists of two parts — a supporting steel frame and a washing zone. They are interconnected by special processing. Welded washing tub is highly stable, reliable, durable and quite low price, so many consumers prefer to buy it;
  • seamless, which is made by casting from a single piece of metal. It has several significant advantages over welded construction equipment. You can also adjust the height of the footrests.

In addition to structural differences in stainless steel equipment, utility sinks also differ in their appearance. It does not need special disinfection, is easy to clean, and therefore requires minimal maintenance from the staff. Also important is the fact that the utility sink is made of stainless steel, which ensures hygiene and operational requirements.

What are the Purposes of Buying Commercial Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are used in food industry and public catering enterprises. And also in medical and research laboratories, medical facilities and many other industries. Containers are installed in kitchens and dishwashers of cafeterias, bars, hotels, fish and meat processing plants.

The use of special neutral equipment as commercial sinks allows you to standardize the actions of the personnel involved in preparatory operations, minimize non-production pauses and increase the efficiency of the washing:

  • To perform the operation of cleaning dishes from food residues, it is recommended to install a waste table, which will significantly improve the working conditions and speed of the washing worker;
  • To rinse dishes from food traces, according to the standards, a washing bath for tableware with a mixer with a shower device and preferably with a built-in faucet should be used.

Modern material is resistant to negative influences that cause corrosion. Thanks to this, stainless steel sinks can be used in conditions of high humidity or sudden temperature changes. To care for the washing system, it is enough to wash off the remains of food or medical materials.

Basic models of commercial sinks include one capacious sink. Inexpensive single-section products are suitable for daily catering tasks and compact laboratories. If the size of the sink is not enough, choose two-section sinks. They expand the working area, helping to sort the dishes for washing. Double models do not require a lot of space and can also be equipped with a shelf. So you can purchase at a reliable shop all compartment sinks you need and do not regret about their absence in the future.