Digital Marketing Tools: Trends 2022

Internet marketing is developing every day – therefore, new work strategies and features of applying these strategies in working on a project are constantly appearing in this area. Today, users have become much more selective – companies have to come up with new ways to surprise, interest and convince them to buy a particular product. Standard advertising approaches have long ceased to work, and spam messages have become so annoying that many users block them. Therefore, in order to have an advantage over competitors, it is important to be able to quickly adapt to changes in the marketing market and to the audience. To do this, you need to follow the current trends in digital marketing.

If a company correctly uses current trends, it will always have a competitive advantage, which will increase sales and increase brand awareness in the eyes of the audience. To improve your trading strategy, you can use the techniques that will be discussed in this article.

Content Marketing

Quality content marketing always works well – so even in 2022 there are some tricks that can be used. Almost all large companies today have not only their own website, but also blogs and social networks, where up-to-date information about the company’s work is regularly published. Thus, the company broadcasts to customers its expertise in a particular industry. This increases the degree of trust of users and increases brand awareness. For example, good marketing techniques help many casinos attract customers around the world – like slots Canada, example.

Blog readers are most often potential customers of the company. It is much easier to work with such an audience, because a person is more likely to buy a product from a company whose blog he regularly reads than from an unknown company about which he knows nothing.

For example, before buying tickets, travelers study information about the country they are going to, read the rules for issuing visas, find out the cost of living, and write down a list of the most interesting tourist places in notes. Travel companies publish useful articles on their blogs and attract additional organic traffic that converts very well from leads.

Semantic search

Smart search is an important trend in 2022. People like it when the search engine processes the request more accurately and returns only the links they need. Modern robots are able to recognize requests entered with errors and even manage to process outright rubbish. At the same time, the site indexing mechanism has changed: in the search results, priority is given to the resource where the answer to the question is more precisely formulated. The value of keys in the content has greatly decreased if your text does not correspond to the essence of the request: now, it’s not so easy to deceive the robots; they have learned to analyze the context and user reactions.

This point must be taken into account in writing content. For example, a user asks how to update a driver on a PC. Write clear instructions and avoid lengthy descriptions of all possible types of drivers.

Artificial intelligence

A very interesting digital marketing tool with almost unlimited possibilities. AI is used both to train chatbots and to create content. At the behest of the marketer, robots present detailed Customer Journey analytics and personalize and customize ads. Facebook uses AI to tailor the best ad copy for a particular consumer. Depending on the client’s reaction to the previous advertising material, the robot will offer to highlight the title or body text in the ad, and add a short video or static image.

Video Marketing

The video format is not a new trend: it has been at the top for quite a long time. For marketing purposes, 60% of companies use videos, while 66% of users say they prefer a short video to read an article.

Among the services, YouTube looks confident: in 2020, the audience of the platform amounted to 2.3 billion subscribers (against 800 million in 2012).

In 2022, digital marketing will be dominated by short videos lasting 1-3 minutes. Today, TikTok leads in mini-video downloads.

Other social networks are also keeping up with the times:

In 2020, Instagram launched Reels – thirty-second videos that appeared in Russia in 2021. As planned by the owners of the service, Instagram should completely switch to the video format. To do this, users who shoot Reels are actively supported – they are given free coverage. More recently, opportunities for free promotion were almost completely absent.

Facebook is interested in reposting videos uploaded to the pages of users from Instagram. Recently, a bonus loyalty program was launched for especially popular video creators.

Augmented reality

The modern world of marketing cannot be imagined without augmented reality (AR) tools. The virtual world complements reality, which is actively used by marketers to demonstrate goods and services. However, the trend was set by the users themselves: 61% of consumers prefer stores that support AR tools.

Major brands are already using the current trend with might and main: for example, IKEA has created the IKEA Place application, with which the user can evaluate the purchase in a real interior.

Burberry has launched a similar service: brand products can be evaluated in real conditions even before purchase.

Influencer marketing

Influencers continue to be trusted by consumers and in demand by companies, as advertising through influencers brings real income to businesses.

Leads that come to the company through influence marketing are of higher quality, according to 51% of marketers.

According to the users themselves, 49% of purchases are due to the recommendations of influencers, and another 40% of consumers make purchases after advertising on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

The prospects are huge: in 2020, 50 million network users called themselves “creators”, so it is logical to assume that their number will only grow. Experts call the figure 1 billion – by 2025.