Download Google Maps APK for Huawei/Honor smartphones

Is Google Maps missing from your Huawei/Honor phone? Would you like to install the most recent version of Google Maps on a Huawei device? It’s not a problem! This guide will show you how to download and install the latest Google Maps APK on any Huawei device.

You can download apps from Huawei’s AppGallery, 

There are no Google services available there. The fact that they are not available for download doesn’t mean they can’t be installed. 

The Play Store isn’t available on Huawei smartphones, but Google Maps is available in another way.

Google Maps has long been regarded as a highly reliable navigation service developed by the search engine giant Google. Over two hundred countries and territories are covered by this map, including 100+ million of places & businesses. 

In their day-to-day lives, users take advantage of Google Maps’ route planning and traffic updates for walking and driving. A live traffic feed, incidents, and closures can be used to reroute traffic automatically based on live traffic. 

Google Maps recently introduced offline maps as part of its latest updates. It allows users to navigate to a specific place without access to the Internet. 

In order to leave the safety of a secure connection, users need to download map regions. Maps have several features that are particularly useful, including indoor imagery and Street View, which shows shops, restaurants, and museums.

What is the process for downloading Google Maps to a Huawei smartphone?

Getting Google Maps on Huawei smartphones begins with an application called GSpace. Before we learn how to download Google Maps, we need to use this application. 

After downloading and installing GSpace on your Huawei smartphone, you must go to the “Settings” application and click “Applications.”.

Once you’ve found the GSpace application, you can start using it. Next, click “Permissions.” The application has no permissions by default. To ensure everything works properly, activate each one.

Once the permissions have been enabled, Google applications, including Google Maps, will appear in space. Open it now by clicking on it. Logging in requires a Gmail account.

This task is best accomplished with a Gmail account, particularly if you wish to avoid risks.

What is the best place to download Google Maps for Huawei smartphones?

If you’re wondering how to download google maps on huawei, keep reading. Google Maps has been downloaded by using GSpace, as mentioned above.

GSpace can be downloaded from several websites on the Internet, but you won’t have to go crazy searching for it online since AppGallery also offers it.


Unlike many other applications, GSpace has been approved by Huawei, which is why it is allowed to be downloaded from the phone’s AppGallery. 

There is no need to download an external app since the company has approved it to be made available on the App Store. YouTube, Gmail, Drive, and Google Maps are just a few of the Google applications you can use through the app.