Downloading and registering for the Al Hosn App in Huawei Phones

What is the Al Hosn app?

It allows users to access information like their health status related to COVID-19 through Al Hosn, which is the official contract tracking app in the UAE. 

User status and most recent COVID-19 test results are taken into account when determining color-coding (green, gray, or red). Your vaccination certificate or test report can be shared using the Al Hosn app and a QR code can be generated.

As well as accessing family members’ health information in one place, you can also add more family members through the app.

Al Hosn app for visitors

A green pass on the Al Hosn app is required for visitors to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in order to access public areas. Several establishments in Dubai require green passes for tourists and residents. 

To enter Dubai, you do not need to download the Al Hosn app. In addition to obtaining a green pass, tourists can validate their COVID-19 vaccination certificate and test status on the Al Hosn app.

The following guidelines must be followed by travelers to Abu Dhabi if they want to gain entry to most public locations:

  • The green pass on Al Hosn must be maintained every 30 days by a negative PCR test result.
  • The Al Hosn app requires unvaccinated visitors to take PCR tests every 7 days in order to remain ‘Green’.
  • PCR test results must be negative every seven days for visitors with an official vaccination exemption to maintain their green pass.

Al Hosn travel pass

It is possible to use the Al Hosn travel pass outside of the UAE by downloading the Al Hosn app. An international vaccine certificate is the “travel pass” that proves your immunization status or COVID-19 test results. 

Travel passes issued by IATA and EU DCC groups can be recognized in all EU member countries. Let your airlines know that you plan to travel from the UAE and confirm their acceptance of the Al Hosn travel pass.

How to download Al Hosn app in huawei phone 

To download al hosn app on huawei device go to Huawei App Gallery and search for al hosn app and install it . After installation you need to registration to use this app . 

Al Hosn app login & registration

Al Hosn requires that you enter your Emirates ID and a phone number associated with it to register. The Unified Identification Number (UID) can be used by someone who is not a UAE citizen or resident. 

UIDs are provided at any airport in the UAE or online at the website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).

In the UAE, you can download Al Hosn’s app by following these steps:

  • Download and install Al Hosn
  • Use your Emirates ID or UID to register on the app
  • In order to verify your account, you will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) on your smartphone.
  • Verify your account by entering the OTP.
  • The registration process can be completed by turning on your Bluetooth.
  • After the QR code is generated, the health status of the user will be determined by the app’s colour-coding system and matched with the QR code.

You can link your vaccination certificate and see COVID-19 test results from any medical facility in the UAE when you register on the app.

Al Hosn app green pass

Al Hosn’s app has a colour-coded system implemented by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP). A user’s vaccination status as well as the latest PCR test results can be displayed promptly using the system. A green, red, and grey color scheme is used throughout the app.

Digital documents are available through the Al Hosn app, like the ‘Green Pass’. Green passes are basically digital certificates that confirm users are fully vaccinated and have been tested negative for virus  infections. 

To enter public places, residents and tourists must present the green pass via the Al Hosn app.

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