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To make an email marketing campaign effective, you need to know your audience Imeetzu. The perfect message is useless if it’s sent at the wrong time or to the wrong person. To avoid this problem, email list services have features like segmentation. They also should provide detailed metrics, or KPIs. Lastly, you need to find an email marketing tool that will let you track your performance Thedocweb.

Moosend is an email marketing tool that does basic email marketing well, but it also has advanced personalization features. The tool can segment your subscribers by purchasing behavior and cart abandonment. Moosend also offers 40 responsive email themes that are visually appealing and highly customizable Mynewsport. AWeber is another email marketing tool that is popular with marketers and small businesses. Its simple pricing structure makes it a profitable option even for small lists.

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools and has over 2000 subscribers. It claims to send over one billion emails every single day. Mailchimp has an extensive collection of templates and pre-built segments Getinstagram. It is also easy to use, with a simple email editor and powerful analytics. The user interface makes it easy to customize emails and create segments, which are essential for an effective campaign.

Sendinblue is another email marketing tool that helps you build an audience. It offers free and paid plans, and its features include SMS and chat Koinsbook. The free version is a good option for small businesses, as it allows unlimited contacts. However, it does not include many bells and whistles, so most small businesses will be content with the Lite plan.

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