Equipment NFL Players Wear For Protection

Professional football requires a lot of equipment, and an NFL club has a lot of protective gear. Every game features some of it, such as balls, helmets, jerseys, and shoes. However, most of it, such as the pads, is not visible. 

Most individuals do not consider the cleats on the bottom of the athletes’ shoes or the sweatshirts they wear to practice. The team’s use of chemical hand warmers, heated benches, and chewing gum is also highly peculiar for a player as they focus on making the best NFL odds.

Here are some of the equipment NFL players wear for protection;


The helmet is one of the essential pieces of equipment because it prevents players from sustaining severe head injuries. The helmet comprises a shell, jaw pads, face mask, chin strap, and mouth guard.

The shell is often constructed of hard plastic and is the most noticeable portion of the exterior. Inside the shell is exceptionally dense cushioning designed to cushion the player’s blows. 

The metal bars in the face mask prevent direct injury and other body parts from touching the face directly. The strap is designed to keep the athlete’s helmet on, regardless of how often they are struck.


Many receivers use tact gloves, which have a tacky rubber palm or are coated with an adhesive substance, such as rosin or a sticky spray. 

Linemen also wear gloves but are not required to catch the ball. Instead, they employ their fists to repel opposing linemen. 

Lineman’s gloves are typically padded extensively to protect their fingers and hands, which can get caught in another player’s face mask or trampled when a large number of players are on the field. 

Gel or “stick ’ems” are not permitted on players’ gloves.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are the most noticeable sort of cushioning worn by athletes. Most shoulder pads today are composed of shock-absorbing foam and a piece of rigid plastic.

The shoulder pads cover the individual’s shoulders, chest, and ribs when worn. These are the pads that give the shoulders and chests of the players the appearance of barrels.

The shoulder pads do two functions: they absorb the impact from the opposing player and disperse the force over a broader region of the football player’s body so that it is not concentrated in a single location.

For instance, quarterbacks, placekickers, and punters typically wear light shoulder pads that stay in place and do not impede their line of sight or head movement. Other players may wear heavier pads that remain in place after a significant blow.

A football player can get a shoulder strain, sprain, contusion, fracture, dislocation, or separation when struck forcefully. Shoulder pads must be worn at all times to ensure the team has top NFL lines.

Body Pads

There is rigid plastic in the front and back to help protect the ribs, and players who take a lot of hits wear a flak jacket as an extension. It is difficult for linemen to use the pads as handholds due to how they are fastened.

Internally, shoulder pads are filled with foam. Players can add more padding using Velcro for added protection or bridge over an injury to alleviate pressure.

Players decide whatever type of protection to wear below the waist based on their position and injuries. A player with complete equipment would wear hip, knee, and thigh pads. Knee and thigh pads are available in various styles, allowing players to select their personal preferences.

Jerseys and Body Fits

Compression clothing refers to clothing that fits closely against the skin. Compression apparel aids athletes who must stand or run for extended periods. By using compression apparel, specific injuries can be avoided.

Additionally, they are more comfortable than traditional underwear or workout shorts. In addition to preventing rashes and burns from worsening, compression clothing absorbs sweat.

Not only athletes but many people wear compression shorts. Virtually all football players wear compression shorts below their pants. Similar to other compression gear, these shorts are designed to prevent injury. 

Compression shorts can aid in relieving muscular tiredness, enhancing performance, preventing strains, and performing several other functions. The majority of football teams and leagues provide this piece of equipment to their players.

The only uniform components seen by fans are the shirt and pants. The primary function of these two clothing items is to display the player’s name, number, and team colors.

The front and back of the shirt are made of nylon, while the sides are made of spandex to ensure a snug fit. The objective is to make it difficult or impossible for an opposing player to seize the jersey and use it as leverage.


That’s it for the NFL player protection gear. As you explore the latest Vegas NFL odds, you may get your favorite equipment and begin your training.

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