Evening gowns: long or short?

Every woman should have at least one evening dress in the closet. However, in order to be well-prepared for all eventualities, it is recommended to purchase two or three evening gowns. Because at some point in every woman’s life, the occasion comes when evening wear is required. Evening gowns for women nowadays are neither tied to a certain figure nor a certain age group. If you are going to shop for evening dresses, you are just in the right place: we will tell you how to choose the most elegant design and style for yourself. For example, the Milla collection offers both extravagant and formal evening dresses, so you are guaranteed to find something suitable there.

The short evening dress

A short evening dress should be preferred by young wearers. But such a function as comfort should not be neglected doithuong.

  1. Occasions such as the school ball or the prom are ideal for the short evening dress. In this way, the youthful, fresh chic is taken into account, and yet the festive ambiance of the respective occasion is appropriately appreciated. 
  2. Depending on the figure of the wearer and her courage, ladies can choose above-the-knee short evening gowns. So the legs of the wearer are a great eye-catcher. And in such an evening dress, nothing stands in the way of an exuberant dance pleasure. 
  3. Even at summer parties, the ladies often prefer short dresses, as they can better survive the night’s heat.

The long evening dress

On the other hand, long evening dresses always radiate a fairytale charm; in other words, they give an incredible elegance. And the long evening dress skillfully conceals small problem areas that almost every woman has. 

Cuts with a raised waist, for example, emphasize a beautiful cleavage, and problem areas such as hips or buttocks are skillfully covered by flowing fabric. Floor-length evening dresses are also ideal when a woman can no longer or does not want to put her legs in the limelight. But even women with a model figure can reach for the long dress. Evening dresses that are worked on a figure, such as a mermaid cut or the two-piece corset dress, need a gorgeous figure to unfold their effect. 

In any case, the beautiful evening gowns are reserved for very big occasions and should only be used after 8 p.m.

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