Factors that determine Product Photography Pricing

Product photography is the process of photographing products to appear appealing and professional in order to promote them. Many companies use product photography as a way of showing their clients how their products will look if they decide to purchase them. The product photography pricing can vary depending on the size, complexity and quality desired by the client.

Factors that determine Product Photography Pricing

Below are some common factors that determine the cost of product photography:

1. Studio Size.

The size of the studio will determine the amount of equipment, lighting, and props needed to complete your product photography project. If a small, simple product is being photographed then you won’t need as many expensive pieces of equipment. However, if a large food truck is being photographed you are probably going to want larger lighting and electrical equipment such as dimmers and generators.

2. Duration.

The amount of hours needed to complete a product photography project can range from as few as 4 hours if the product is very small and simple to as many as 6 to 8 hours if the product is large and complex with multiple angles, backgrounds, and props.

3. Design Support.

Some clients may want additional design support during the initial stages of their photography projects. If you have a complex background such as a 3D scene then you will need some sort of expertise to help create it and provide feedback on lighting and other factors that determine the overall quality of your final images. Without proper design support you will increase product photography pricing due to added hours for research or having a professional designer on staff for your business.

4. Source of Images.

Photographing a product without additional visual elements can be very boring and uninteresting to viewers. If you have the ability to source images from a professional design team or stock photography agency then that will increase the speed at which your product photography project can be completed while reducing your cost.

5. Data Requirements.

Some clients may require that you provide data that is required by their accounting department such as details on brand names, dimensions, and materials used in producing their products. If this is the case then your additional time will have to be compensated and additional hours will have to be included with your estimated prices for services rendered for this work.

6. Professionalism.

The final factor that determines the cost of a product photography project is professionalism. Products are being photographed to be shown off and sell to customers, which means they need to be presented in a professional manner. If your client needs the photographs to be blurred, out-of focus or otherwise modified then this will increase your cost as you will have to spend additional time and money perfecting their product for presentation in order for it to look as good as possible.


Product photography can be a very profitable part of your business. Knowing how to determine the product photography pricing of a project can help you win new clients as well as make sure that you are getting paid what you are worth for your services.

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