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In the city of Fujairah, visit the Fujairah Fort

In the early 1900s, the British attacked the 1670-built Fujairah Fort and damaged it significantly. As the oldest Fort in the UAE, it has a long history of protecting the country’s elite and housing the royal family. In Fujairah attractions, it was the only stone building on the coast for many years.

The Fort comprises three main wings, several rooms, a square tower, and two round towers increase Fujairah Attractions. In recent years, it has regained all of its former beauty. Around the Fort, the Fujairah Department of Archaeology and Heritage has set up a small Heritage Village. Here, you can see examples of traditional Emirati architecture, displays about how people used to live, and a show of how conventional Emirati farmers used the Al Yazrah irrigation system.

The Khor Fakkan Waterfall and Theater

Khor Fakkan, along andand Kalba, is part of the Sharjah Emirate. However, most people visit it as part of a tour of the Fujairah Emirate since the town is only about 30 km north of Fujairah city. In the middle of Khor Fakkan, on the main north-south route on the east coast that looks out over the ocean, there is a 43-meter-high waterfall that is made out of rocks and pours down a rocky cliff face that constructed for the purpose, as well as a substantial modern theatre built in the Classical-Roman style.

Since it opened in 2020, travelers have been stopping at this rest stop between Al Aqah and Fujairah. Both have fantastic ocean views and are photogenic because they look like something from another world.

Use The Al-Rafisah Dam to See How Well You Can Kayak

On Sharjah’s eastern coast exclave, the Al-Rafisah Dam is six kilometers from Khor Fakkan and thirty kilometers from Fujairah. Families who want to spend a day relaxing outdoors often go to the Dam. It surrounds by sharp, dark mountain peaks and has many different animals.

Along the water, there is a big playground for kids, a few shops, a restaurant, and many places to picnic. You can rent kayaks and pedal boats to go out on the river yourself. Weekend afternoons are usually pretty busy, so if you want peace, it’s probably best not to come here then.

Visit Bithnah

Bithnah is an excellent stop if you go to the Hajar Mountains. This Wadi Ham village is only 13 km west of Fujairah city. For hunItkey hub on the roads that connected the west and east coasts. Fort has been the best thing to see in the area for hundreds of years. It was built in 1735 to protect the weak eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

From the ramparts, you can see beautiful palm groves and craggy mountains in the distance. The Fort’s thick frame of thick golden-stoned walls and a massive round watch tower make it look very picturesque.

The Bithnah Fort is in Wadi Ham, 13.5 km NW of Fujairah City. The design of this Fort is excellent because it consists of a flat terrace right above the bottom of the wadi. When it realize that the Fort could protect the route from Fujairah through Wadi Ham, it became clear how vital its location was for defense.

In 2012, the Al Bithnah Fort in Fujairah got a lot of repairs that made it look like it did before 2012. Arab forts usually consist of rectangular is also how Bithnah Fort is sets up. It seems like Al Hayl Castle and the Fujairah Fortress, two other forts and watchtowers in the Fujairah area.

This Fort has two towers with round corners and a guard post. The building consists of bricks, date palms, rocks from the wadi next to it, and wood. Mud mortars and plasters used to put it together. The beautiful doors of the Fort also have intricate carvings.

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Fujairah Is Home to The Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The modern Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah has six 100-meter-tall minarets and has the same amount of space as three football fields. The vast prayer hall has enough room for 32,000 people. Even though the beautiful carpet in the Fujairah Grand Mosque looks like one long piece. The plan bases on a garden that had many flowers. Egyptian chandeliers light every room in the mosque.

When you walk through the main doorosque opened in 2015 and constructed in the traditional Ottoman style. It is now the second-largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, right behind Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Traditional Arabic and Ottoman architecture and cutting-edge modern styles used in the design. The mosque has arches resembling those in Spain’s Great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah has 65 beautiful domes and six minarets. It takes up 420,000 square feet of space. These minarets are between 260 and 330 feet tall. Non-Muslims can go inside the mosque between 9 AM and 12 PM, Saturday through Thursday, to look at its beautiful interior, which has enormous chandeliers and arches in the style of the Moors. During this time, there are free tours of the mosque. Respectfully, visitors should wear long pants or skirts and tops without sleeves. Women should also bring a scarf to cover their hair.

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