Graphic Design 2023: Trends

Graphic design, like everything that surrounds the digital world, undergoes changes and follows trends. Design, marketing and the virtual approach go hand in hand, which is why they are constantly growing and evolving. In this article we will specify what are the new trends in this year 2023 for graphic design, take note if you want:  attract, create, impact!

Design inspired by the fashion of the 90 and 00

Retro never goes out of style, but it is always renewed. Design today returns strongly to the 90s, with a nostalgic look at the origins of the history of the internet. Bright or iridescent colors abound, simple emojis, imitations of the primitive frames of the first web pages.

3D Design-Modeling

3D design is based on the virtual representation of objects, the main elements in this type of design are shape, composition, depth, light, texture and movement. It can be used for: Preview of projects and with this visualization of results, it is easier to make decisions in graphic, structural, aesthetic aspects, among other fundamental ones.

3D Design Features:

  • Product design:  Visualizing the product in all dimensions prior to its manufacture.
  • Architecture:  Visualize a construction before starting the works, detailing possible errors or inconsistencies in the models.
  • Cinema:  Animated films such as those of Pixar are made using 3D modeling.
    The first of them was Toy Story (1995).
  • Videogames:  Characters, objects, landscapes are recreated. With movements at any angle.
  • 3D printers:  A practice that is fashionable, works with 3D design programs.

Organic graphic design or organic shapes

Organic graphic design is based on the geometry of nature, taking as its main idea the essence of natural and environmental design through sans serif fontv. It is identified by following an irregular contour, as are most of the elements of nature: trees, clouds, mountains.

Also, in this design style we can find abstract shapes, with earthy colors and variations that look harmonious together. That is why it is said that natural aesthetics, organic shapes and earthy colors are among the most marked trends today.

Minimalism: Less is still more

This trend has been a constant for a long time, but each year it presents itself with a variant that tries to surpass the previous one and becomes a trend.

In this style of graphic design, heavy elements are suppressed for the view, so that the content has more presence. As Brian Dixon, Creative Director of Grady Britton puts it:

“In line with marketing’s continued pursuit of transparency and honesty, design will continue to remove extra flair and embellishment, and move toward a much simpler and more direct presentation.”

Steps of the creative process

  • The topic to be dealt with must be defined and known
  • Then establish the type of publication (essay, book, magazine, etc.)
  • Define the target audience to which the information will be exposed.
  • Defines the purpose of the information to be communicated.
  • A sketch is made to specify the composition.
  • Create a grid that provides homogeneity and order to the text or content.
  • Ensure that the chosen fonts are easily readable.

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