If you’re debating whether to hire a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney or handle your case and the insurance company yourself, this post is for you. In a nutshell, if you’ve been in an accident in Arizona, personal injury lawyers will always be beneficial. The sooner you get in touch with them, the sooner they can start working.

However, many people choose to handle their cases, at least initially, usually out of worry about the expense or the amount of time involved. It makes sense to question whether hiring a personal injury lawyer will be worthwhile. Here are the reasons to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Many times, motorcycle accidents are more complicated.

It would be comforting to think that following a motorcycle accident, you could rely on the insurance provider to quickly and amicably resolve your claim and give you every dollar you are due without a struggle. That might even occur on rare occasions.

Sadly, this is not how things generally work out. Some outcomes include severe injuries and disputes with insurance companies over the circumstances of motorcycle accidents. You should hire a lawyer just based on this.

Collecting evidence is challenging.

The evidence is promptly cleared from the road after every accident. Motorcycles are smaller than cars, making it more challenging to determine the specifics of the accident from the vehicles themselves.

If you were injured in the collision, gathering evidence isn’t your main priority. Furthermore, most of the evidence has probably been cleared when you consider claiming compensation.

However, with their expertise and other resources, lawyers can gather evidence long after the road has been cleaned up. This could entail searching for any potential video sources and corresponding with accident site reconstructionists, traffic engineers, witnesses, and other professionals.

Injury victims typically have limited legal resources and knowledge

Personal injury attorneys devote their careers to learning the law so their clients can concentrate on getting better and caring for their families. Additionally, they frequently have a network of resources, including medical specialists and accident reconstructionists, to aid in the development of compelling cases.

For instance, it could take some time before you fully understand the effects of a severe brain injury. The statute of limitations, which establishes a deadline for filing a lawsuit, must also be respected.

An attorney keeps track of your physical development while keeping an eye on the passing of the statute of limitations.

Juries and insurance companies might be unfair.

Sadly, motorcycle riders frequently fit the stereotype of being aggressive and careless. Suppose there isn’t strong evidence to the contrary. In that case, insurance adjusters and juries will probably presume that the person driving the motorcycle is at least somewhat to blame for the collision and the victim’s injuries.

A personal injury attorney is aware of this and will emphasize your good behavior at the time of the accident.

The bottom line

There are a few potential issues that can develop following motorcycle collisions. A lawyer can keep your case on track while minimizing them.