How Can A Student Write Last Minute Essay Without Delay and Extension?

Do you have a pile of assignments on your desk, and the deadlines are approaching? Are you worried because you have a lot of work to do but the time is too short to do this all? Are you finding it difficult to complete it all because when we have time, it’s easy to write an essay, but as students, we usually leave the work for the last minute? If so, don’t worry because it’s normal in a student’s life. You can still submit your essay on time.

Now you might wonder how it is possible to write an essay in such a short time when you have not even started it yet. Yes, it’s possible because you need to follow some last-minute tips and tricks.

Remove all the distractions and make your environment productive. Prepare and clean your workspace, work hard, especially if working late at night, focus on the introduction of the essay, follow your outline, and review your work!

Here is a detailed guideline on how a student can write the best essay at the last minute. So, let’s get started without wasting another second!

Prepare Your Workspace:

The important step to follow is to prepare your workspace. First, clean it and clarify all the unnecessary stuff you don’t need while writing your essay. To start writing your essay, you don’t need to deep clean your house; you should only deep clean your desk or room. 

It will be a waste of time to start cleaning the whole house. Also, you will fail to focus on your essay if you work on a messy desk with unnecessary things around you.

Before sitting at your desk to write your essay, you should gather all the articles, books, laptops, notebooks, pens, and everything you need to complete your essay. Not only your books, but you should also have some snacks, water, or coffee on your desk. So that you don’t have to get up, again and again, to get anything you need; in this way, you will have everything ready on your desk, and all you will do is focus on your essay because you don’t have any extra time now. 

If you are still unable to write, you can get help from an essay service. With professional assistance, you can do all of your assignments and homework on time and impress your teachers!

Remove Distractions:

If you are left with a little time and have to submit your essay but haven’t even started yet? The important thing to do is to remove all the distractions that distract you from completing your task on time. 

Now, what things can distract you, and how to remove them while trying to focus on your essay? Here is a list of all the things one should remove from his surroundings so that he can focus:

  • Log out your social media apps that you keep scrolling through instead of focusing on the real task.
  • Keep your mobile phone on silent and put it far away from your workspace or your study table that you’re working on.
  • Tell your friends and family around you that you have an important assignment to do and they should not disturb them.

Work Hard If You’re Working Late At Night:

Suppose you are trying to write your last-minute essay without delay and extension. In that case, you should not be working late at night because you cannot focus at this hour or, maybe, you feel sleepy. Still, suppose you are left with this only option of pulling an all-nighter. 

In that case, you should consider some important points because not everyone can work with their full focus at night. But remember you are writing your last-minute essay, so you must pay your full attention to it to complete it on time. Here is how you can do this:

  • Make coffee for yourself because the caffeine helps you take away your sleep, and you can focus better.
  • Don’t sit in your bed if you work at night because it’s a comfortable place and you will fall asleep. Try to work on your study table or in the library.
  • Take small breaks and get up from your desk meanwhile.
  • Sleep well the next day.

Writing The Essay:

  • Begin with an introduction: No matter how little time you are left with, never compromise on the introduction of the essay because the introduction to your essay should be appealing to the reader. It should tell the reader what you will explain later in your essay.
  • Follow the outline: Before even writing your essay, you should outline it and follow it because this way, you can write an effective one, and it will save a lot of time to complete it.
  • Review your essay: Once you have completed your essay, you need to review it, and if you find mistakes, grammatical errors, or spelling mistakes, you should edit them. Also, make sure the format and style of the essay are correct and according to the instructions, you have followed.


If you are trying to complete your essay at the last minute without any delay or extension, you must prepare your study table and submit your essay on time to get good grades. First, you should remove all the distractions around you, like your cell phone or social media apps, and then clean your study space to focus better. 

Also, have some tea or coffee and don’t sit in a comfortable place, and write an effective and appealing introduction, follow the outline, review your essay, and edit the mistakes if you find any.