How Does The Tradition Of Flowers Gifting Evolve?

The tradition of gifting flowers dates back centuries, showing no signs of slowing down. But where did this tradition come from? The Victorians were known for their love of flowers, and they popularized the practice of giving gifts of flowers. Roses were especially popular, as they were seen as a symbol of love and admiration.

In the early 20th century, florists began experimenting with new ways to arrange flowers, and the wholesale flower market’s rise made purchasing fresh blooms easier than ever. Today, wholesale gift boxes full of beautiful flowers are common in homes and offices worldwide.

Whether you want to impress your crush, girlfriend, or wife or gift bouquet on various occasions like birthdays, marriage ceremonies, or any anniversary, flowers fit in every situation. It is the best way to communicate emotions and express undying love and gratitude for friends and relatives. The flower is a gift that doesn’t require any special function or occasion to present someone special. It can be given to anyone and any time you want because of its availability and affordability.

But have you ever wondered how this tradition started and how this tradition has changed with time? If you are curious, then stay with this article to learn how the tradition of flower gifting evolves.

The Evolution Of The Tradition Of Flower Gifting

Giving flowers as a gift is one of the most beautiful forms of non-verbal communication between two people. But this doesn’t take place by chance and has kept on evolving considerably since the earliest days. Below we have mentioned the period through which the tradition of send flowers online started and evolved.

Ancient Cultures

If you want to discover how presenting flowers became the culture of expressing feelings and love, then you need to visit the ancient era. The gifting of flowers started in ancient Greece, Rome, China, and Egypt. All these societies have their own tradition regarding the usage of flowers, and they are different from each other. The Roman usually used flowers for religious and personal use, and some flowers were used for medicinal purposes too.

But Greece was excitedly opposite as people are heavily influenced by the greeks mythology and associated flowers with the God, Goddesses, and a well-known figure of that time. The people used to referred them as a flower and used to worship them with great devotion. Later on, the people of Greece started to exchange flowers with each other and set the new trend of non-verbal language in the history of human life. They also started decorating places with various flowers to celebrate different occasions and wished each other by giving the flowers.

During the middle ages, people from Turkey put these customs and traditions together refreshed according to their convenience. This was the time when the first list of symbolisms of flowers started, and slowly this tradition spread around the world.

Victorian Era

The people from the Victorian Era started using flowers to express their deep feelings for one another. They started practicing gardening and flower caring and sought to grow robust and beautiful flowers. The new flower species have been discovered that they used to serve as a form of communication. With the help of these flowers, the birth of Floriography took place, according to which every flower has its own meaning. Inspired by this language, they have written and published floriography code books that contain topics on the emotions of a variety of flowers. These codes give an idea for the arrangement of flowers to make a perfect bouquet for the occasion.

And due to this invention, the tradition of flower giving became popular around the world, and people started stating their feeling without saying a single word. Flowers showed statements ranging from ‘I Love You My Friend’ to ‘I’m Sorry. They also started making bouquets to send various types of messages and designed them according to their convenience for the gift. Slowly this tradition became popular and continued across history.

Modern Era

Now in today’s time, it has become the born a popular trend to offer a flower as a gift. It does not require any specific time and occasion to present a flower as a gift. The tradition of Floriography is feeding slowly, but in the tradition of expression, the emotion remains the same. Now, people have made their own language of expression, depending on the occasion they offer the flower.

Apart from that, time has become so advanced that you can order them online and send flowers to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, or any of the corners of the earth. Online flower delivery in Sydney is available in the market that offers fresh flowers and delivers them to your doorsteps whenever you want. In this long era, the only thing that remained the same was the flower and the way of communicating emotion, love, and affection with your loved ones.

Bottom Line

Gifting a flower is always a beautiful this that humans have come with and evolved with time. Now people use to gift various items with flowers to elaborate their feelings and enhance their relationships. These little things can keep your love life fresh for a long time, and the magic remains the same throughout.

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