How to Add Gmail Account on Huawei Phones in 2022

If you don’t have Google Play Services on your Huawei phone, here’s how to add your Gmail account. Huawei no longer ships Android phones with essential Google apps because Google no longer licenses its proprietary apps to the brand. 

The Huawei phone still has a lot of value despite this. If you just bought a Huawei phone, you do not have to download its Gmail app to configure a Gmail account.

The service that Google offers for email is widely adopted by businesses worldwide, and users also embrace it. The importance of Gmail in this situation cannot be overstated. Google services, like YouTube, are integrated with Gmail accounts.

As you progress through this tutorial, you will learn how to set up Gmail’s Email service on your Huawei device. Gmail can be added to your phone without rooting or modifying it using two official methods.

First, you need to know how to download Gmail in Huawei.

It is not possible to download Gmail from the Play Store in Huawei.

You can use this method to download Gmail on your Huawei smartphones.


Petal Search by Huawei has this app, one of the best choices. One of the reasons why I like this app is that Huawei has approved it as safe to use.

The petal search app has GSpace available for easy installation… you’ll be surprised by how straightforward it is. If you’re using the Honor 8X, Google will know you’re using it since it’s not on the banned list. 

It allowed you to download google apps for your Huawei device. You can easily download Gmail apps from Gspace. 

Search Gmail in space and then install it. After installing To use your google account, you need to sign in to Gmail apps using your username and password. And you can use gmail hassle-free.


Next is Our play Apk. 

Gspace and it can both be installed simultaneously. The search results show a petal. The website you’re taken to will be in Chinese. You can search Gmail after installing this Apk. Gmail apps are available here for your Huawei device.

VMOS Pro Download 

These virtual machines run within your opera system, regardless of whether they run under EMUI or Harmony OS.

This operating system is unashamedly a virtual machine operating system. Upon downloading and installing the APK, you will now be able to get google apps quickly. You can get Gmail apps and other google apps like maps, youtube, docs, etc.

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