How to Choose the Perfect Family Christmas Jumper?

You know the holidays are really here when your grandma starts pestering you about coordinating Christmas jumpers again. Whether you love donning matching reindeer sweaters or cringe at the thought, choosing the perfect family Christmas jumper is an annual tradition for many. This year, you’re determined to pick something everyone will actually want to wear again. Before you start shopping, keep a few tips in mind to make the experience as painless as possible. Focus on comfort, humor, and versatility so your jumper becomes a beloved part of celebrations for years to come rather than an ugly itchy obligation. With the right approach, fun, festive and customized matching jumpers at great prices, check out

What Makes a Great Family Christmas Jumper?

A good family jumper should be cozy yet festive. Look for soft, warm fabrics like cotton or wool and classic Christmas colors like red, green and blue. Fun patterns, reindeer or Christmas puddings will get everyone in the holiday spirit without itching or irritation. For maximum family fun, choose an oversized jumper with room for two or more to comfortably fit. Matching sets are always a great option, with sizes ranging from baby to grandpa. For a really one-of-a-kind family jumper, design your own! Buy a large solid-color jumper and use fabric markers, patches, sequins and stencils to customize. Get the kids involved and make decorating the jumpers an annual family tradition.

Matching vs. Complementary: Design Options for Family Jumpers

When it comes to family Christmas jumpers, you have two main options: matching or complementary.


For matching jumpers, you all wear the exact same design. This is a fun, coordinated look, perfect for your annual family Christmas card photo! Some ideas include:

  • Santa suits: Red jumpers with white trim and a Santa belt for everyone
  • Reindeer: Brown jumpers with felt antlers attached for each family member
  • Candy canes: Red and white striped jumpers for a sweet festive look


If matching isn’t your style, complementary jumpers are a great choice. Each person wears a different jumper in the same Christmas color scheme or theme. For example:

  • Red, green and white: Each family member wears a jumper predominately in one of the colors.
  • Christmas characters: One wears a Santa jumper, another Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, a snowman, etc.
  • Holiday patterns: Fair isle, snowflake, reindeer or candy cane patterns in a mix of red, green and white.

Customizing Your Family Christmas Jumpers

Customizing your family’s Christmas jumpers is all part of the fun. Rather than buying generic store-bought sweaters, designing your own creates lasting memories.

Adding Personal Touches

Add names, nicknames or inside jokes to make each jumper unique. Iron-on letters, stencils and fabric pens allow you to customize in your own handwriting for a personal touch. Use favorite colors, animals or foods as inspiration for designs.

For the kids, include some of their favorite characters, toys or activities. Let them help pick colors and add embellishments like bows, buttons, ribbons or tinsel. Their creativity will make the jumpers extra special. Have them trace their handprint or footprint on the jumper for a custom design they’ll cherish for years to come.

Finishing Touches

Add decorative trim, appliqués, embroidery or patches for extra flair. Pom poms, tassels or fringe around the collar, cuffs and hem complete the look. Consider adding LED string lights for a fun, festive touch.

Customizing your Christmas jumpers as a family leads to lots of laughter and inside jokes. The end results will become your favorite holiday tradition and a cherished part of Christmas memories for years to come.


So there you have it, a few tips to help you choose a fun and festive family Christmas jumper this season. Whether you go for a classic fair isle print, a cheeky slogan, or ugly Christmas sweater, picking out matching jumpers with your loved ones is sure to create lasting memories. Don’t stress too much about finding the “perfect” jumper – the time spent bonding with friends and family is what really matters. So grab some hot cocoa, turn on your favorite Christmas tunes, and get shopping! Before you know it, you’ll all be rocking your holiday knits by the fireplace and making the kind of inside jokes and memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. The holidays will be here before you know it, so make the most of this special time and embrace the chance to get a little silly with the ones you hold most dear.