How to Dazzle Attendees at Your Next Conference

When you’re running regular conferences, you know that the success of these meetings can have a huge impact on how your business is seen. A great conference builds goodwill and excitement around your brand mission, whereas a flop of a conference can drain the energy out of your efforts. It’s in your interests, then, to make your conferences as successful as possible, dazzling attendees where possible. Here’s a quick guide to going the extra mile with your conferences to make those who attend them feel delighted by what you have on offer.

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When you welcome attendees into your conference, a brilliant way to start their introduction to the evening, day, or weekend is to offer them a small bag of free goodies that they can take away with them at the end of the conference. Inside, branded materials, such as pens or mousepads, are a little sign that you’re thinking about the needs of those in attendance. Organize excellent corporate gifts by Anthem Branding to make your conference attendees feel special, and to spread your brand further among the parties you work alongside.

Food and Drink

All the thinking and talking that takes place at a conference is hungry work. Offering some snacks or canapés for your guests is not just a matter of courtesy, it can sustain the conversations that you’re trying to ignite at your conference. You may foot a large bill for providing these services, but it’ll be well worth it for the impression a great array of food leaves with your guests. Add to that some alcoholic beverages for the final evening of the conference, and you’ll see relationships forming in the main hall that could mean new business for your firm.


Too often, corporate conferences are simply a series of poorly designed slideshows and speakers who are left with the task of exciting and engaging an auditorium of people. Give your speakers a helping hand by adding some effects to your event, be they in the form of lights, music, interactive screens, voting panels, or other different forms of engaging content and media. Your job is to make people feel interested and excited throughout the conference, and that means thinking about how you can make even the driest material interesting to your guests.


All conferences hinge on their conclusions. If people dribble out of the event in the final hour and make their excuses to jump in a cab, you’re probably not promised a curtain-falling crescendo of an evening. Your conference will not live long in the memory, and you’ll have lost a valuable opportunity to dazzle attendees. Instead, plan something of a crescendo in the final hour of your event, with drinks rolled out for the aftermath, to generate conversation long into the night that can be of benefit to all of your attendees, but especially your firm. This will provide lots of benefits in the future that could lead to some extra business growth.