How to Find a Doctor on HealthTap

Using HealthTap to see a doctor is an easy way to see one without having to pay the usual fees that are associated with visiting a doctor. You can search by specialty or request a specific doctor, and you can pay through your insurance coverage. Plus, you can contact customer support either by phone or email.

You can search by specialty

Whether you’re looking for a doctor or simply curious about what they do, you can search by specialty on HealthTap. With a database of 90,000 doctors in 147 specialties, it’s a surefire way to find the right medical professional.

You can also use HealthTap’s virtual consult feature to have a doctor diagnose you or prescribe a treatment. If you’re a Prime member, you can use the service free of charge.

HealthTap’s concierge service allows you to receive second opinions from top specialists and gain access to virtual practices from more than one million doctors. You can also invite doctors to your care team and store rich health media. It’s a way to discover new doctors and build relationships with the ones you already trust.

HealthTap also provides a peer-based reputation system that allows you to see which doctors are approved to treat you. The platform also includes a comprehensive directory of physicians. You can also order lab tests and receive referrals to specialists. It’s a great way to get your questions answered without the hassle of scheduling an appointment or paying out-of-pocket.

You can request a specific doctor

Getting an appointment with a specific doctor on HealthTap can be easy and inexpensive. The app lets you create a profile and find a physician in your area. After you create an account, you can follow doctors, explore the care guide, and add members of your family to your care team. You can also add a geographic filter to your search so that your results are only limited to doctors within a certain distance.

The HealthTap mobile app lets you talk to doctors through text or video. HealthTap also has a premium service called HealthTap Prime. The Prime service gives you unlimited access to live video consultations with doctors.

The health app offers a directory of more than 11,000 doctors in the US and Canada. HealthTap doctors have to be board-certified, licensed, and in good standing.

The app lets you write prescriptions electronically. You can also use HealthTap to order lab tests and schedule appointments. It can also help you get a referral to a specialist. The HealthTap community of doctors will also answer your questions.

You can pay with your insurance coverage

Whether you’re working on a budget or looking for a new primary care physician, you may want to consider using HealthTap. This company offers affordable virtual healthcare that can be accessed on any desktop or mobile device.

HealthTap offers a variety of services, including virtual appointments, video consultations, Urgent Care, and more. This service provides access to over 90,000 U.S. licensed physicians in 147 specialties. It also has a free app, which you can download for iOS and Android devices. You can also use the HealthTap app to send messages to your care team. You can also use the app to book appointments and use a library of health-related questions.

In addition to health care, the company offers a number of enterprise offerings. These include HealthTap for Good, which offers premium medical services to disadvantaged people, and an app for doctors. These services are available in all 50 states, with the exception of Alaska.

You can access customer support by phone or by email

Using HealthTap is a great way to get access to affordable health care. You can choose a doctor and schedule an appointment online or through a mobile device. You can also have a live video consultation with a doctor. You can also order lab tests and prescriptions, and receive referrals to specialists.

HealthTap also offers a mobile app, and provides a free automated symptom checker. This feature helps you determine the cause of your symptoms and provides guidance on the next steps in your care.

HealthTap has a network of almost 140,000 licensed physicians. These physicians provide primary care services and are certified in their specialties. You can access a doctor at any time of the day or night.


HealthTap offers a free service where you can ask anonymous questions and get free responses from doctors. You can also use the HealthTap app to send medication information and results.

HealthTap has an online help center where you can search for answers to your questions. You can also contact customer support by phone or email.