How to Find Humor in Stressful Situations?

At some point in our lives, we have all experienced stress. The effects of stress can be both good and bad, and it is an unavoidable aspect of being human. Stress can give you more energy, push you to become a better person, and even inspire you to find new hobbies or interests.

It can, in essence, be a catalyst for change and personal development. The issue is that a lot of people will not be at all ready if it occurs. They are unable to manage their stress levels, which causes them to spiral out of control and burden their daily lives and mental health.

There are many different ways that humour can reduce stress. It stimulates creative thought processes, relaxes the body by releasing tension through laughter, and promotes social engagement with like-minded individuals—all of which favourably influence stress management techniques.

Check out these suggestions on how to discover humour in challenging circumstances, regardless of whether you have a funny coworker or enjoy watching comedy on your break:

1. Play games with friends and family

If you have a few minutes to kill during a break or in between work tasks, think about playing a quick game of dominoes or cards online. You can play a variety of games on your phone or computer, ranging from word games to strategy games.

On your break at work, playing cards or a fast game of dominoes with friends or family may be a fantastic way to burn off some energy, have fun, and decompress from the day’s stress. It can also be a terrific method to improve already-existing relationships and develop new ones.

You may also consider using CBD products, such as THC gummies, to help you relax while enjoying your games. CBD has been proven to help the body relax and is an excellent way to eliminate your worries.

2. Tell short, amusing stories to colleagues and friends

Give your coworkers and pals a laugh if you have a hilarious office anecdote or a recent amusing incident. Anything from a humorous interaction to an uncomfortable situation you have at work could qualify.

You can relieve tension and improve your mood by laughing. In times of extreme stress, it might help you establish bonds and trust with your coworkers. Send your coworkers an email or post it in your group chat if you can’t share the story in person.

Additionally, if you naturally have a sense of humour, make use of it. Try to find humour in everything around you if you tend to be more serious. Finding humour in everyday life will benefit you even if other people don’t find you to be funny.

3. Watch funny videos or clips

Take a break from your tension by watching a humorous video or clip. You can let go of some of the stress-related unpleasant emotions with its assistance. Taking a break from your stressful tasks and concentrating on something else for a little while can also be helpful.

Which kind of media should you watch? Personal taste is what matters. Stand-up comedy is enjoyed by some, while other individuals prefer sketch humour, animated series, or other kinds of entertainment.

There are numerous websites available for finding and sharing humorous videos. Whether you enjoy cartoons, musical performances, or even videos of animals acting crazy, there are many subjects you can explore.

If you’re working a shift or a job where you can’t be on your phone for extended periods of time, think about having a small handheld device with you. In this method, you can watch videos or clips from your saved playlist whenever you’re in a break room or have some free time.

4. Listen to music

If you enjoy music, think about playing your favourite songs as you work. Music can help you cope with stress and get through those long shifts, whether you want to wear headphones or want to listen to it out loud.

Altering your music may also help keep things interesting on a regular basis. You won’t grow tired of hearing the same music over and over again in this method. Consider purchasing noise-canceling earbuds if you’re concerned about upsetting your coworkers by being too loud or disruptive. You don’t need to be very boisterous or disruptive to appreciate your music.

5. Develop a humor ritual

If you have the time in your schedule, think about incorporating a daily comedy practise. It might be watching a brief video on your phone or reading a ridiculous article. This is a fantastic method to break up the day and distract yourself from the stress of the workplace.

You can think about injecting some humour into your breaks. Consider playing a brief game of dominoes or cards with your coworkers during your lunch break. It’s a terrific method to improve your coworkers’ connections while also relieving tension and burning off some energy.


When things are stressful, it might be difficult to see the brighter side of things. Finding strategies to manage with stress and avoid letting the pressure get to you is crucial. Humor is a great method to reduce stress and boost someone’s mood. Everyone experiences some level of stress from time to time when working in a fast-paced atmosphere with ongoing deadlines. Learning how to control your stress in those circumstances will help you avoid becoming consumed by it.

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