How to Landscape Your Yard Without Hiring Someone

Your yard should be the place where all members of the family want to hang out. It should be a peaceful haven just next to your home where family members can enjoy relaxing outdoor activities. Whether it is a barbecue, a drink with friends, or just kids playing around, you want to make the yard the perfect place. What is more? A great-looking yard not only adds curb appeal but also increases the home’s value. Paying a professional to landscape your yard will be costly. Instead, you can try DIY yard landscaping. Use the following tips to help you do a perfect job.


What is the final picture of your yard in your head? Think of what a perfectly designed yard looks like to you. The first step is landscaping your yard is creating a plan. The plan will determine the materials you will need and how long it will take to complete the project.

Think of the features that matter to you. Would like to include a deck or patio? Where will you place your outdoor furniture? Will you have a vegetable garden or do you only want to grow flowers? Will you set aside a kid’s play area? What will the walkways look like? Map out the entire area before starting. Also, consider where the various kinds of trees will go.

As you plan, set the budget and timelines. Try to adhere to these throughout the process. A good plan is to start with the front yard while giving yourself enough time to finish each step of the project.

Clear the Area

You will be surprised by how many things you need to remove from your yard in order to carry out landscaping. Rubbish, rocks, and rubbles top the list. These need to be lifted out of place. Weeds and unwanted plants need to be uprooted and the yard area flattened to create an even-level ground.


This is the construction of the structural features of your landscape. It refers to everything that is not a plant. From the fencing to the paths to the deck or patio, all these need to be installed first. The materials to choose for hardscaping will be determined by the design you have chosen, budget, and maintenance requirements to name but a few factors.

It is advisable to diversify the materials used while sticking to the final theme of the landscape. Also, pay attention to the colors used and coordinate them properly. The size of your hardscaping structures will be determined by the overall size of your yard. For instance, while narrow paths look cozy along small yards, they may look insignificant on extensive yards.

Prepare the Soil and Plant

Your soil needs to be loose and fertile to encourage the growth of the plants you intend to place there. Whether you want extensive grass coverage with islands of perennials or prefer a flowerbed with borders surrounding the house, you will need good soil where your plants can flourish. You can get the soil tested so as to know the plants to grow and what nutrients to add. Organic fertilizers are perfect.

To help fight off weeds, consider using heavy duty tarps. These are placed before planting the plants. You will them make holes through which you will plant. Mulch is then used to cover the tarp giving the plants the nutrients they need while inhibiting the growth of weeds. With this, you will have a beautiful yard without having to worry about weeds growing later.

The plants to grow in your yard will depend on your personal preferences and what your climate supports. Generally, the plants next to your house should be short shrubs or groundcover plants. Taller plants should be planted further from the house while medium-sized shrubs may be placed at the corners of the house. Do not just have one kind of plant. Have several that blend together to create a beautiful look.

Take Care of the Landscape

A great yard needs to be maintained in its best condition. Water the plants often if you do not get enough rain and protect the plants during winter. Also, keep enough mulch to help the soil retain moisture. The walkways and other hardscapes should be kept clean and in functional conditions.


You can make a beautiful yard landscape without hiring anyone. You only need to be committed and take your time to do the job well. Getting other family members to help is a great way to bond and get the job done faster.

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