How to Make Training Video for New Employee

Nowadays, many organizations invest heavily into training new staff for obvious reasons. Untrained employees cannot deliver optimally on the job and can cause disasters with clients and even other employees.

One effective way of onboarding is to use training videos, which can streamline your training content and make the training engaging. To create those videos, a lot has to be taken into account, the most important part is to find the right  video maker like Doratoon.

Steps to Create an Effective and Engaging Training Video

Effectiveness is the keyword when making a training video. You surely want your new team members to understand the dynamics of working with you.

You also want to communicate the vision, mission, core values, and operational procedures without sounding ambiguous. Preparing ahead of time and using the best resources will help. Here are the steps involved in creating an excellent training video.

#1: Preparation

What is the objective of your training video? What do you want to teach the new employees? Before creating videos, having a clear goal and training topic before starting can help you maintain focus through the process. 

After getting a streamlined idea of what to talk about, it is time to flesh out the idea, and the great video making platform Doratoon will certainly do the rest for you. You can also prepare a PowerPoint presentation that covers all details for the employees’ training.

#2: Use the Right Tool

The traditional training mode with PPT can be boring, but it can be engaging when it turns into videos. When it comes to tools for video training, a video-making tool like Doratoon comes in handy for creating. It is easy-to-use and powerful, which allows you to import your PPT and seamlessly make it a vivid training video for you and the employees in minutes. 

Let’s dive a little into what Doratoon is and how to use it.

What is Doratoon?

Doratoon is a leading video-making software tool offering millions of royalty-free stock templates, animated characters, stock props, and more for creating engaging videos. It does not matter your industry or business type, you will find the perfect template for creating training videos.

Whether you are in the marketing field, HR, education, or an Entrepreneur, Doratoon has the best video templates and resources you can explore.

Features of Doratoon:

  • A large library of pre-animated templates
  • 100M+ stock photos and video clips
  • 10000+ 2D and 3D background images
  • 10000+ stock props
  • 1000+ animated characters with facial expressions
  • AI Drawing and AI Drawing
  • Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text feature

How to Create Training Videos for New Employees

With Doratoon, it takes three easy steps to make great training video materials. Here are the simple steps to create video training materials:

Step1: Sign up for a Doratoon account for free on the official website.

Step 2: Select a template from any of the categories on the platform.

Step 3: Using the editing tools, customize the template with your content. You can also import your own PPT into the platform, change the images; upload personalized images, video clips, audio files, and more.

#3: Distribute the Video Training Material

When you are done creating the video, the next thing is to distribute it to your new team members. You can download the video from Doratoon, then post it on your company’s communication channels, send it as an email to the employees, or upload it to the project management program.

You can also save it on the employee onboarding dashboard if you want to present it physically. If you are delivering the training in a physical environment, ensure you practice your delivery before the day. It helps to stay in front of a mirror to practice your presentation.

This will ensure you get familiar with the content and understand the flow of the training before the day.

#4: Follow up for Feedback

Your training is not complete without getting feedback from your employees. We recommend that you follow up with your new team members to ask for feedback on the engagement level of the training.

You can prepare an online short questionnaire and distribute it with the training video to get immediate feedback. This will help you become better at your job and improve your skills in creating training videos.

Use Doratoon to Create Video Training

Creating training videos for beginners can be challenging. However, using the perfect tool will take the stress off the process and make it fun. Doratoon offers intuitive editing tools for creating highly engaging and effective video training materials.

If you are just getting started with your first video, we recommend you use these simple tips to improve the quality of your video:

  • Connect with and engage your audience. You can start your video with relatable questions.
  • Do not overload your new employees with too much information. Be as concise as possible. 
  • Use text to effectively communicate information. Also, add subtitles to help everyone understand your training.
  • Make it educational and impactful. 

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