How to register a new MEGA888 account


MEGA888, which debuted in 2018, is a pioneering online casino application in several South-East Asian countries, including Malaysia, Cambodia, and Singapore. Furthermore, MEGA888 has received numerous accolades for the game’s graphics especially in online casino Malaysia. So much so that regulars in MEGA888 swoon over the Ultra-High Definition (HD) and the designs of the widely available games. Including remarkable player feedback on customer service, and reputable security. Similarly, the triple fortune places an emphasis on the flexibility and convenience of its online casino customers. Casino fans who have been around before the explosive growth of the casino industry can now experience a new level of connection with other online casino players like never before.

The player only requires a mobile device with a reliable internet connection. In an effort to continue providing its users with the best online game casino experience, MEGA888 has recently seen an increase in both new and returning players. Due to the warm and welcoming environment, it fosters among its new and loyal community members, MEGA888’s membership has grown over the past few years. To get to the exciting part; this article aims to teach newbies how to register for their new MEGA888 account.

Members of Southeast Asian online casinos frequently use MEGA888 as their trusted and favored option. The player is rewarded for reaching higher levels of success, as it also operates on the fundamental tenet of strategizing.

So, are you ready to hit that jackpot but need help registering for an account? Fret not, as this illustrated article will provide the details that are required to finally start.

How to register MEGA888 via BK8

1. Visit BK8

In order for the player to start playing MEGA888, they need to register a new MEGA888 account through BK8. To access the BK8 official website and download MEGA888, the player may start by entering this official link for MEGA888 via BK8.

2. Create an account in BK8

Next, upon entering the URL into the search bar, the player will be directed to BK8’s official website. The player will then begin the process of creating an account with BK8. The first page of the registration requires the player to enter a desired available Username. Additionally, the player is required to enter their Password and Confirm Password to make sure that the player has entered it correctly. Lastly, in this section, if the player has an Affiliation or a Referral ID, they can proceed to enter those details. The player then advances to the second step of the registration process by clicking the Register button.

In case you already have an account with BK8, you may skip this step and proceed directly to Log in.

The player will also be pointed toward the second step of the registration procedure. This section consists of the player’s biodata details which are kept private and confidential and only for the purpose of the player’s payout. To begin with, the player has the option to enter their email address if they so choose. The player is then required to provide their current contact number. Thereafter, the players should declare their Country of Bank and Preferred Currency, followed by accurately filling in their Full Name and Date of Birth.

Before the player agrees with BK8’s terms and conditions, it is important that they fill in their details accurately as failure to do so may lead to a breach of BK8’s terms and conditions. Including the fact that the player’s inaccurate information can lead to complications in the process of the player depositing and withdrawing their money from the platform. Once the player has ensured their details are entered correctly, they can click on the ‘Register’ button.

The system prompts the player to do a reCAPTCHA for verification purposes and to restrict the creation of bot accounts. The player then needs to slide right to continue.

3. Head over to slots > MEGA888

Next, the player will be directed to BK8’s official website Dashboard. Once the player is on the dashboard they need to navigate to Slots which can be found in the top left corner of the website’s header.

Click on Slots, then finally click on MEGA888

4. Login details (ID and password) are on the webpage

After doing so, the user will be directed to the official MEGA888 website which is the login page itself. The user must enter the Username and Password they made using BK8 on this login page. The user must ensure a stable internet connection to their device during this process.

However, if the player has just forgotten their password, rest assured, customer service will be right there by their side to assist. It is as easy as pressing the live chat button that is located on the right bottom corner of the screen. One of the customer service representatives will assist the player for an average of four minutes from the time the message was sent. After this customer support will provide the user with the link to reset their password.

On the other hand, if the player is more of a do-it-yourself type they can opt out of the option to reset their password by themselves. This can be done by clicking on the link – “forgot password or username” which can also be found on the login page. After which, the player will receive the Reset link for their password and username via email.

Voila! The player is now equipped with the guide to register for their brand-new MEGA888 account. Lots of exciting opportunities await you like the 10% reload bonus. Players who have made a deposit of at least RM 50 are eligible for this bonus. In addition, the player should have earned a turnover of 8 times while playing before being able to withdraw the amount. One player may only receive this 10% reload bonus at any given time. Keep up with the most recent promotions and game releases! Last but not least, enjoy yourself and play sensibly.