How to Spend Less Time Doing Homework and More Time Doing What You Love

Homework is unavoidable when you are still in the schooling phase of your life. Don’t assume that teachers are giving you assignments because they want to torture you. It is just part of your learning process to take home some work. 

Yes, some school work is hard, but some things in life are harder than that. You also have to resist the temptation to go out with your friends or watch TV for longer periods of time. 

Having said that, this article is all about homework help and how can get that done at the speed of light! Unless you want to be a straight-A student, you don’t really need to invest too much time writing essays and reports. 

Most of us just want to get the certificate and live life on our terms. If you agree with us on that, then dig in to find out how you can finish your school work quickly and do the things you love!

Make a To-Do List

Preparing a to-do list for the day is so important, especially when you have too much piled up. Depending on priority and the level of difficulty, you should sort out your assignment for the day without over-stressing yourself. 

To-do lists are particularly helpful for attaining short-term goals. This list can motivate you, increase your productivity, reduce stress, allow more personal time, and give you a sense of accomplishment. 

When you have pending work stuck in the back of your head, it can be hard to focus on other things during the day. So, if you can get the work out of the way, you will feel more at peace!

Unplug from Electronic Devices

You can get more done during the day if you unplug from all sorts of electronic devices. If you are more mature than the rest, then you probably already know about this. To live a mindful, authentic life, you must get away from the matrix of commercialism. 

For some people though, their social life is more important than anything else in the world, especially during their college years. Also, if some of you are planning to become social media legends, then maybe this tip is not suitable for you!

But for others, if you are serious about spending less time on assignments like essays and report writing, chose an electronic-free zone. Now, to finish your school work in less than the usual time, turn off notifications for all social media platforms, calls, and texts. 

Set your mobile phone aside and take baby steps to finish your homework. Sooner or later, you will see that you are done with them, so you can do other things that you enjoy!

Take Small Breaks

We can’t stress enough the benefits of taking small breaks while you finish your school work at a steady pace. Let’s get real. You are not a robot, and your body gets tired. Even your brain stops working after a few good minutes. 

That is why we encourage you to take small breaks after finishing each task by walking around, going to the bathroom, drinking water, having some snacks, and then getting back to work. 

Listening to instrumental music or binaural beats can also work to keep you recharged while you grind through the tough assignments. 

Prepare the Perfect Place for Study

What kind of place do you think is suitable for studying? In front of the TV or in the kitchen where everybody is talking? We do know some people who like to study in places like that, but that is not ideal. 

As a matter of fact, you need to study in a quiet room with lots of fresh air, sunlight, and space. Avoid doing homework on your bed because it can make you lazy and slow. Ideally, you should sit down and write on the desk. 

The lighting should be right as well in the evening. You don’t want too little light or too much light. Have fresh juices and drinking water on your table for refreshment. 

Face the Tough Challenge First

You will naturally have a high level of energy at the beginning of writing essays and reports. So, you should face the toughest challenge first and get it over with. So go ahead and write the toughest section first, and then move on to the easy ones. 

That way, you can pour maximum energy into the sections that you really hate. While the rest of the work can flow like a breeze! 

It is also natural for you to get stuck in places. If that happens, don’t spend too much time on one single problem because you will lose the time to do other things. Just ask your older sibling, parent, friend, or classmate to help you with the problem. 

But if the situation seems a little too tricky, why take a risk? Take help from professional and affordable essay writers online and secure your grade without breaking the bank!

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