Is A PBX Phone System Right For You?

As technology advances, so are our thoughts on how to keep our private lives to ourselves.

If you’re looking for privacy then a PBX phone system is what you’re looking for. It makes your calls secure as it routes your inbound and outbound calls.

Advanced calling features ensure that you are competitive, and no longer will you have to wait for an employee to get off the phone before you can make or take calls. A small space is required to set up, once that’s done, the benefits and potential are endless.

After reading this, not only will you understand the many benefits of the phone system, but you will also be able to make a decision on which service will better match your business.


You may be asking why you should use the system if the old phone system works fine. The fact is that yes the old system is reliable and has not been changed for over a century, there is still a lag time that can cause a business to lose potential customers to an avoidable issue.

The PBX system allows you to have an onsite phone system which means fewer lines from the phone company. Not only that, the system allows for a virtual assistant as well as a customizable voicemail that allows your customers to know they got the right business.

Not only that but this feature can also be used to give customers more information about your business, such as your hours of operation or your location. So many companies have lost clients all because the client didn’t know who they were calling, this solves that problem.

A virtual assistant can be helpful for businesses that receive a lot of calls, as the virtual assistant can take care of some of the calls for you. This can free up your time so that you can focus on other tasks. This leaves your business running smoothly which means more money for you.

Different PBX System

Each system can be customized to fit its user but there are a variety of systems that you can choose from. The options can be Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, or On-Premise System. Let’s start with On-Premise System as that is what many businesses tend to go for.

As stated above, the on-premise system can be set up with only a small space. This is most beneficial to those who work from home or small businesses. It allows employees to connect as though they’re in the office. Not only is it affordable, but it also beats out traditional phone lines.

Having the system in the office gives you more control over it. It allows your IT specialist to work on it at a moment’s notice. The system doesn’t just work over the internet, VOIP means that it will work when there is no internet connection as well, giving you the best of both worlds.

A hosted system is regulated by a third party. You may want this option if you want to leave all the management and support to the experts while you run your business. The systems are held off-premise on a physical server which reduces not only maintenance costs but upkeep as well.

Using this kind of system allows for scalability. It can be easily built up as all the servers are elsewhere. This allows even small businesses to compete with bigger companies and no need for hiring security to monitor the servers when you are not around.

Lastly, there is SIP trunking which stands for Session Initial Protocol. It enables your current phone line to have the ability of a virtual phone system. You can have your employees from all around the world tune into a conference within seconds.

Which To Choose

While there are countless benefits for each system, the choice will ultimately come down to your business’s goal. Things to consider when making your decision may include the number of IT employees you have and how many times you make international calls.

The prices of those calls can add up so having a PBX system can save you a huge amount.

IT employees will depend on whether you decide to go with the on-premise option as you may need them to work on the system if there’s ever an issue and the frequency of the issue as well.

Staffing changes can affect how many lines and the frequency of how adding or removing lines. You might prefer one PBX over another. You can do it yourself or call your provider to get it all set up for you, again, it depends on your industry and how busy your business is.


Using PBX systems isn’t difficult to use and many qualified companies can offer you their services. Telnum has a virtual system that allows you to have a remote presence with a full-functioning office. Their system includes all of the benefits that we’ve mentioned above and many more.

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