According to research, truck driver fatigue is the main factor behind truck accidents in Chicago. Up to 13% of commercial truck drivers are always exhausted when a collision occurs. Driver weariness impairs various skills necessary for safe driving, including eyesight, reaction time, coordination, and judgment.

Truck driver fatigue causes impairment.

The symptoms of driver fatigue and sleep deprivation are strikingly similar to those of drunk drivers. Drivers who are sleep deprived for twenty-four hours are just as impaired as those whose blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.10 percent or higher—the legal limit for driving while intoxicated.

If motorists doze off while operating a vehicle, they may deviate into oncoming highway traffic, resulting in a fatal head-on collision. Or they might fail to look in his blind spot before changing lanes. Trucks have large blind areas, which increases the chance of a side-swipe incident.

What leads to truck driver fatigue?

Why are truckers so worn out? There may be numerous causes. Federal legislation restricts the hours commercial truck drivers can work without breaks.

They must rest after 11 hours of nonstop driving, which must come after a break of 10 hours. Truck drivers cannot log more than 60 hours per week or 70 hours in eight days of driving.

Unfortunately, some trucking companies may impose arbitrary timelines, which increases the likelihood that drivers may engage in actions that may cause accidents, such as speeding, working long shifts without breaks, or even going against Federal regulations.

What should you do if you think fatigue caused a truck accident?

Fatigued truck driving in Chicago is prevalent, and it’s best to know what to do in case it happens. It is advisable to take two actions if you experience any indicators of a fatigue-related accident.

When a law enforcement official comes to the scene to make a report about the accident, first mention these signals to them. Police records don’t provide convincing proof of driver fatigue, but they can show that you were concerned about it when it happened.

Second, you should speak with a truck accident attorney if you or someone was hurt or even died in the collision. Truck accidents have complicated root causes that frequently require investigation.

One of the causes that need investigation may be driver fatigue. A lawyer and the related investigative team can look into driver fatigue using various techniques to prove the case.

Who is liable if a fatigued truck driver causes an accident?

The responsibility for operating a vehicle safely and responsibly rests with the driver, which involves being careful to avoid being tired or sleepy. They have breached a general duty of care if they aren’t driving the truck safely or responsibly, and they may be negligent if the failure led to an accident that caused damage to people or property. Other parties may, however, also be liable.

The takeaway

Engaging a truck accident attorney is advisable if involved in a fatigued truck driving accident in Chicago. They can investigate the case and determine the actions to take.