Let’s Get Matching! Three Easy Remedies for Kundli mismatch 

Indian marriages and Vedic astrology have used kundli Milan or gun Milan for thousands of years. Therefore, it is crucial to get your kundli matched by an astrologer whether your marriage is to be arranged or in love. When neglected, and if the bride’s and the groom’s kundlis do not match, the results are typically negative. But that doesn’t necessarily imply that there isn’t a fix. Indeed, there are numerous ways to fix a mismatched kundli. But before you can do it, you must have a basic understanding of Kundli Milan.


Each kundli is divided into eight kootas and contains 36 gunas. To determine how many gunas match, these kootas are compared in the boy’s and girl’s kundli. Then, every koota in the boy’s and girls’ kundlis must match to produce a particular number. The final number achieved is the number of matching gunas after adding all eight numbers (obtained by comparing the eight kootas).

The number of gunas that, by astrology, decides whether or not the marriage will be successful is listed below.

  • The boy and girl are incompatible if there are fewer than 18 matching gunas.
  • The success of the marriage depends on the matched gunas’ scores falling between 18 and 32.
  • Marriages in which the boy and girl have more than 32 gunas in common are incredibly successful and content.
  • If all 36 gunas are compatible—a very unusual occurrence—then the boy and girl are meant to be.


Sometimes, especially if you love someone, it’s just not an option to not get married. However, you don’t need to become depressed or give up on getting married if your kundli and the person you want to marry do not match. The removal of the several doshas that typically cause a kundli mismatch will be aided by the following four treatments for kundli matching.

1. Treatments for Yoni Dosha-related Kundli Mismatch

The removal of the yoni dosha from the Kundli is crucial, according to Hindu culture and Indian astrology, as this dosha might cause the following issues in married life.

  • There will be many ego conflicts.
  • They’ll never be able to agree on anything as a couple.
  • There will be a lot of misunderstandings.

Having stated that, the following are some treatments for yoni dosha.

  • The mrityunjaya Jaap mantra is an excellent treatment for kundli mismatch brought on by yoni dosha.
  • Yoni Dosha can also remove by holding a Graha Shanti puja shortly before the nuptials.
  • Another successful treatment for yoni dosha is giving food and clothing to the poor and needy.

2. Kundli mismatch owing to Mangal Dosha remedies

This kundli dosha is very dangerous. The marriage may suffer from the following issues if the girl or the male is Manglik.

  • The likelihood of the non-Manglik spouse dying is relatively high.
  • Domestic abuse and frequent arguments.
  • Due to the Manglik spouse’s aggressive attitude, there is miscommunication.

However, if appropriate astrological cures are used, you don’t need to be concerned about the Manglik dosh. Here is a couple.

  • If the female is a Manglik, she should first wed a peepal tree or a Lord Vishnu Pratima (Idol). The marriage should then be performed between the bride and the husband.
  • An additional successful treatment for kundli mismatch brought on by mangal dosh is to marry after the age of 28.

3. reatments for Nadi Dosha-related Kundli Mismatch

The most severe dosha, Nadi, must be corrected at any cost. The marriage won’t directly impact. However, it will eventually make the marriage intolerable.

  • Couples will drift apart.
  • There won’t be any emotional ties between them.
  • In actuality, Nadi dosha in the kundli is most couples’ primary reason for divorce.

The following is a list of the many Nadi dosha treatments. One genuinely excellent treatment for Nadi dosha is to :

  • Donate food and clothing to a low-income Brahmin household. Brahmin blessings are auspicious for marriage.
  • Another well-known astrological cure for kundli mismatch brought on by Nadi dosha is to wed the idol of Lord Vishnu.
  • The negative consequences of Nadi dosh can eliminate by performing the unique puja vidhi known as Nadi Dosh Nivaran Puja.

Bottom line 

All other treatments, such as giving, wearing jewelry, worshipping yantras, reciting mantras, donning rudrakshas, etc., come after this one. The most incredible way to treat kundli dosha for Kundli Matching is to correct your karmas; otherwise, nothing will save you, and you will get trapped in a never-ending cycle of ineffective treatments. These doshas may embrace you in the next life with even greater intensity if you don’t correct them. Therefore, correcting your kundli doshas is crucial after they’ve been discovered.

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