Living on Campus: Pros and Cons

When you decide to leave your hometown and go to university, living at home could be complicated or impossible. If this is about you, then you have a few options. All of them have pros and cons. Today, let’s find out the pros and cons of living on Campus.

It is a stressful decision to leave home and go to college. It is also a big step into the future and the unknown. If your academic future changes your location and takes you away from family and friends, it is significant to consider the place of living. Living on Campus is an exciting experience. There is nothing better to getting in touch with people than to live together and feel the vibe of a student’s life. 

On Campus life: What is it like?

You’ve probably heard about it from your friends or family and seen it in the movies. The stories might include roommates, cafeteria food, parties, nights without sleep, etc. Research shows that living in a dorm creates a sense of belongings and helps to make new students feel more comfortable. Living on Campus delivers students a support system from their roommates and helps them find their way. Living on Campus is a unique experience that Universities can offer to their students. However, as with any option, it has two sides. There isn’t a single option that works for every student. What is good for one person is unacceptable for other. That’s why you should evaluate everything carefully. 

The pros of living on Campus

  1. Meeting new people. It is an opportunity to meet many new people with similar interests. Campus roommates can help you to feel much more comfortable.
  2. Numerous campus activities. Living on Campus allows you to open the door to many opportunities like events, Greek life, a Halloween decorating contest, etc. 
  3. The gym and library are available for all students. It is convenient to have access to the swimming pool and have training without going far away. The library provides an opportunity to find a quiet place where you can create a paper you have to deliver strictly to the deadline in case your roommate doesn’t have the same schedule. By the way, if your deadline is too strict and you are running out of time, you can always ask for help from our essay writers.
  4. Cafeteria food. Usually, there are variations for all kinds of students. You can find vegan variations, nights, etc. 
  5. The schedule. Your class schedule and the distance to the classroom allow you to sleep longer in the morning. If you have a light day, you can even go to your room and have a rest in the middle of the day. 
  6. Emergencies. There are clinics on campus territory, and many of them are open late. So you can receive medical help.
  7. Networking and friends. You will spend plenty of time with the same people for a few years. It can lead you to relationships that will last much longer than your college years. In other cases, the people you have studied with might help you in further career. 

The cons of living on Campus

However, there are also some cons you can find.

  1. Roommates you don’t like. If you share a room with a new person, you don’t know what result you will get. Sometimes your roommate mightn’t be compatible. However a roommate finder like Diggz can help you find a compatible roommate.
  2. Almost no privacy. It is a problem that any student can face. You can shut the door to your room and stay private at home. However, the dorms have open rooms with two beds and two desks. Sometimes there could be even more people in your room.
  3. Shared bathroom and laundry. It could be a problem for some students. 
  4. Money. If you can find some friends to rent a flat, it would be cheaper than living on Campus. However, you will have to buy some furniture. 
  5. Illness. Living together with lots of people can lead to a situation when a student becomes ill, and after that, all the dorm residents are ill.

There are pros and cons, and it is always up to you to decide. However, living on Campus provides you with many opportunities and soft skills that will help you in your future life.