lost lands 7 walkthrough bonus chapter

In addition to the main chapter tasks, lost lands 7 also has bonus chapter tasks. The bonus chapters must be unlocked after completing the main chapter chapters. Players can find hidden objects and collectibles in the bonus chapters. If you want not to lose plot clues, you can write a diary. And enter all the important information there, you can also use hints in the case of difficult puzzle solving, the following editor will bring you the bonus chapter of lost lands 7 walkthrough, if you want to know more about lost lands 7 walkthrough, please visit gametopn. com .

1. Find the lost artifact

When Thassas and Ur were fighting at the gate of the fortress, Susan was hit and the time-space shuttle in his hand fell. Susan came to a new scene to find the time-space shuttle. When Susan lost the artifact, Noticing that the artifact rolled over to the carriage and then fell onto the cliff , Susan and her son and Malone are now going there to check it out .

  1. Go to the place where the carriage fell, click on the dead tree trunk in the center to get collectible 1.
  2. Go to Longya Rock to collect the whale rib, then go to the Garden of Death and use the whale rib on the damaged carriage to push the carriage down the cliff.
  3. Put the used items back in the pile of garbage in Longyayan, open the treasure chest with gears, you will enter a chessboard mini-game, the button indicates the direction of movement and the number of cells the chip will pass through, you need Move the chip to the upper cell to solve the mystery.
  4. After solving the mystery, you can continue to put the items back in their original positions. Finally, after putting all the items back in their original positions , you can unlock new tasks.

2. Seek help from dwarven priests

The lost artifact has not been found yet. Malone said that he was going to look for the help of the dwarf priest. When he came to a new scene, a door would appear, and the dwarf Bourdain lived behind the door . He was the priest of the dwarf god .

  1. Click on the column on the left to collect a frame, and a second collectible can be found near the column.
  2. Click on the square slate in the middle, press the round object to get the slate, there will be a hint in the interlayer, this hint is used on the column on the left.
  3. Use the hint on the left pillar and turn the pillar to get a slate and dwarf gloves .
  4. Immediately click on the door, put two slates in the correct position on the door, a mini-game will appear, you need to break the line and create new points to create the picture on the slate. Once you’ve created the four patterns, it’s time to open the door.
  5. After entering the gate, there will be an altar of prophecy , because there is a missing part in the device , so the light is displayed , you need to find the missing part in the device.
  6. Click on the image on the left, and a picture of the Battle of Tarethas will appear. Click on the image and a stone wall will appear. Click on the totem on the stone wall, and a dwarf priest will appear.
  7. After talking with the dwarf priest, the dwarf priest will ask Susan’s son to bring Yodna’s soul to him, and take Susan and Marlon as prisoners. At this time, you will get the time shuttle .
  8. Finally, click on the platform next to the altar of prophecy to get the triangular element, use the triangular element and the time-space shuttle on the prophecy altar , and then press the first image of the time-space shuttle to enter another scene.

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