Low Volatility Online Slots Explained

Online slots are some of the most popular gambling games. Considering slot machines’ popularity in general, they are certainly the most played casino games worldwide. Fans of these games will be familiar with the term volatility. But for those who’ve never played a slot game, we should define precisely what volatility is. Sometimes called variance, volatility refers to the frequency with which online slots payout. When we talk about slots with low volatility, we mean that games offer a frequent return on the players’ wagers. Low-volatility games are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a low-risk game. If you are new to the world of iGaming and want to find some wonderful games, OnlineUnitedStatesCasinos.com reviews casinos with the best low-volatility online slots. At this point, some folks might ask, “why would anyone play slots with high levels of volatility?” Let’s find out.

High Volatility vs. Low Volatility

If volatility describes the frequency with which slots payout, why would anyone play games with high levels of volatility? The reason is simple. The higher the slot’s volatility, the higher the payout. In other words, slots with higher levels of volatility better suit players who enjoy high-risk gameplay. To play it safe, you should check out casino reviews for games with low volatility. On the other hand, look for highly volatile slots with a high RTP if you are a risk taker.

There is a third degree of volatility that we should have mentioned. That is medium-level volatility, which lies somewhere between high and low. In other words, slots with medium volatility are an excellent compromise between high-risk/high-reward and low-risk/low-reward. While these slots offer an enjoyable experience, they can also be frustrating, primarily because they are stuck in between. However, they often provide thrilling gameplay and can be a fun time for a patient player.

What is RTP?

We mentioned RTP in the previous paragraph without really explaining what it is. So, let’s elaborate a bit on the term here. Return to player (or RTP) is a phrase that refers to the amount of cash that players will get for every $100 wagered. The average RTP for most online slots is 96%, meaning that for every $100 bet, the player will get a $96 return. This does not mean that each player must deposit $100 to get a return. That would not make sense, and the player would end up in the red. What it does mean is that when the slot has accumulated $100, there is a possibility that it will pay out $96.

So, what does an RTP mean for low-volatility slots? Well, since the payouts tend to be frequent for most low-volatility slots, you don’t necessarily have to look for a high RTP. However, obviously, the higher the RTP is, the better. Since low-volatility games already tend to have lower payouts, finding a slot that pairs up a high RTP with a low variance rate is better.

Strategy to Improve Your Chances

Lastly, we would like to share some strategies to help you play slots like a pro. As most gamblers know, there isn’t much skill in slots. The game is purely luck based, which is why it is so popular. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t improve your chances of victory. One obvious way to win slots is to look for machines or websites offering low volatility and high RTP slots, increasing your chances of making out like a bandit.

That aside, there are some things you can do to perform better in the game. A skill that every gambler should master is money management. An excellent suggestion here would be to set aside a specific weekly bankroll. Whenever you play slots online, do not exceed the money you’ve put aside for gambling. And when you do, walk away from the game. And speaking of walking away, that is another thing to keep in mind. A good gambler is a gambler who knows when to walk. Common gambling wisdom says that you should never break a winning streak. However, this could not be further from the truth. Walk away when you come out ahead because luck will not likely smile down on you twice.

Ending Thoughts

Online slots are a growing market. If you’ve been curious about the phenomenon at any point in your life, we hope this article can offer some helpful insight into the world of online slots. An excellent recommendation is for newcomers to gambling to start with low-volatility, low-risk games. Then, once they’ve become familiar with the gameplay, they can feel free to expand their horizon.

This article was written in collaboration with casino online experts.

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