Morocco Coach Devises Key Strategy to Beat France, the Reigning Champion

Morocco preparing to play against France in the FIFA World Cup 2022 semi-finals, coach Walid Regragui has devised a strategy for the team to beat France.

The FIFA World Cup has entered its semi-final phase, with Argentina already qualifying for the finals. Now, all eyes are on Morocco vs. France match, who are set to compete at the Al Bayt Stadium shortly.

While France appears to be the stronger team on paper, Morocco has beaten equally good opponents throughout the competition. In addition, the World Cup has been full of upsets and curveballs that no fan expected to experience.

Walid Regragui, the coach of Morocco, has devised a strategy to pull off yet another upset. It all began when Morocco became the first African and Arab team in 92 years to get to the knockout stages.

As per Regragui, Morocco is about to compete against a world-class team with several match winners. That is why it is crucial for players to eliminate this mentality before entering the field.

Every player must be satisfied to have reached this stage and express the desire to win against all odds. Now that Morocco has reached the semi-finals, why not the finals? It costs nothing to dream, added coach Walid Regragui.

Despite the fact that this may not be enough to provide Morocco with the necessary boost, it will assist the country in maintaining confidence. The majority of people do not expect the squad to win, but they are rooting for African and Arab nations.

Having won against names like Portugal, Spain, and Belgium, Morocco has showcased that its current standing is not a fluke. Coach Regragui believes that while every player wants to give their best, it is necessary to maintain team spirit.

Brazil, the best team in the World Cup, has already been beaten. Morocco is ambitious, and the team is hungry to make it past the semi-finals. However, the team understands that even this might not be enough, said Regragui.

Taking a quick look at the past reveals how France has always dominated the African team. Their five head-to-head matches have ended, with France winning three matches. One of the remaining matches ended in a draw, while Morocco beat France once.

However, the sides have never met in a major event before, which makes the encounter even more exceptional. Giroud and Mbappe will be in the spotlight throughout the encounter as the latter attempts to reclaim his position as the World Cup’s leading scorer.

It remains to be seen whether Morocco’s defense will be sufficient to withstand the French attack.