In recent years, the advancement in laser treatments has made it a popular option. They can target the deepest and most stubborn pigmentation and marks. It helps to achieve smooth, healthy and flawless skin. Laser treatment Toronto also help to fight the sign of ageing. There are various laser options available, and the CO2 laser is the most aggressive treatment option. It can target the most severe acne scars, deep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation in just one sitting. Co2 laser is often considered the gold standard by many dermatologists. It has increasingly become a popular choice. If this is a treatment, you have been considering, we are here to tell you all about it.

What is a C02 laser?

As the name suggests CO2 laser is a carbon dioxide laser. It is an ablative laser treatment in which strategic trauma is induced to the skin to promote resurfacing. The surgeon determines the laser energy and depth of the penetration to be delivered. It is dependent on the skin concerns being targeted. To ensure that you are comfortable during the procedure, anaesthesia is administered. The treatment lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the areas being targeted.

What happens after the procedure?

The recovery process of CO2 laser is a little bit longer and different from the other laser treatments. After the treatment, you might experience discomfort which is similar to a prolonged sunburn. You will be provided with detailed after care instructions, that need to be followed to the T. Right after the treatment, the skin would begin to swell and turn red. This is normal. You can apply an ice pack to soothe the treated area. It also helps to bring down the swelling. In the following days, the treated area will begin to crust and your skin will appear in stripes. The areas which haven’t been impacted by the laser work as healing centres and produce new skin cells.

The healing process varies from person to person. For some people, the process might take longer than others. However, the skin will flake off within the first week. You must take a week off from the routine and remain at home. Sun exposure should be avoided before and after the laser treatment to get the best possible results.

When do you begin to see the results?

You will begin to notice changes in your skin right after the treatment. To see the final results, it takes about six months. Collagen production is a long process. Once that

the period is over, you will begin to see a drastic change in your skin.

How many treatment sittings are required?

As it is an ablative laser treatment, sometimes one treatment is enough. However, when multiple skin irregularities need to be addressed, you might require another treatment sitting. Based on your concerns, the doctor will suggest the number of treatment sittings required to help you achieve the aesthetic goal.

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