My reviews for my Dubai tour with my family

All my life I have dreamt of only one thing, travelling around the world because my parents made it a point that travelling is one of the best ways to learn a lot of things. So, now that I have kids now, I try to instill this philosophy in them too. So, I took my family on our first abroad trip, everyone’s favourite DUBAI! We have all heard so much about Dubai and seen its beauty in pictures, but in real life, Dubai is even more beautiful and charming. We were lost in the Arabic culture, the modern architecture, the fine roads, and every other human-made creation which will surely surprise you with how humans are capable of creating wonders. So, when I started looking up packages for trips abroad, Thrillophilia reviews were the most promising.

Our itinerary

On day 1, we landed in Dubai and met their executive at the airport, from where we were taken to our pre-booked hotel. The care ride to the hotel gave up insights into what the city of Dubai is and it was almost impossible to control the excitement of exploring the same. At the hotel, we were checked in by the super friendly staff and were given enough time to rest. We did not have anything else on our itinerary so we decided to explore the places nearby and local markets and bought souvenirs. We came back to our hotel to have a scrumptious meal and retired for the night.

Our true trip began on day 2, so we were all excited and ready early in the morning and had a hearty meal for breakfast in our hotel. Our tour for the day started by first visiting the Zeeba Palace. The Palace has to be one of the most beautiful forms of architecture I have ever set my eyes on, and the way it is surrounded by other beautiful buildings makes up for the amazing skyline of Dubai. Then we were taken to the oldest existing building in the city of Al Fahidi Fort where rests the Dubai Museum with arts and artifacts of ancient Dubai and other colourful and exciting exhibits. Then, we were taken to the DubaiGold Souk, where we were hit by so many emotions that we thought that we were lost in the rich cultures of Dubai. The place is rich in shops of gold, spices, fabric, and every other thing that speaks Dubai! And who hasn’t heard about the famous Sheikh Zayed Road? Our next destination was the very same road, the most famous and longest road in the United Arab Emirates. The road also runs along the Dubai World Trade Centre, the most famous Burj Khalifa, the Emirates Towers, Dubai Mall, and many other important landmarks which we witnessed. Then it was time to go to the famous Palm Island, the man-made archipelago island where we took stunning pictures in front of Burj Al Arab. Even today, I simply cannot wrap my head around the fact that human beings are capable of building such a beautiful island. Dubai promises entertainment and entertainment is what the Atlantis gives, which was our next destination for the day. If you are in Dubai and did not visit the beaches then why were you in Dubai? Thus, we then went to Kite Beach and Jumeirah Beach where the kids enjoyed themselves in the sand while my wife and I enjoyed the cool evening breeze and salt air while enjoying the peace. Then it was time for one of the best dining experiences in my life, the Dhow Dinner Cruise on Dubai Marina, where we took in the beauty of the city we toured in the day, from the alluring waters of the Marina. Finally, after an exciting and truly tiring day, we headed back to our hotel and took the much-needed rest.

Our day 3 also started with a yummy breakfast at our hotel from where we were taken to explore the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. You will be shocked to know that we were taken to the 125th floor from the ground level in less than a minute by the elevator. Getting a panoramic view of the city of Dubai from the height of 828 m from the ground felt like being on top of the world where we clicked so many pictures and watched the dancing fountains in the middle of the city. My kids are animal lovers so they were beyond happy to find themselves surrounded by more than 300 species of marine animals in the largest aquarium where WE EVEN GOT TO DIVE AND SWIM WITH THEM! After such a peaceful experience, did not want to do anything chaotic and so we watched the Dubai Fountain Show, the tallest dancing fountain in the world. The 6600 lights with more than 50 colours and the way the water shoots up and dances to the music were so soothing to watch. Now, it was time to head back to our hotel and have our dinner, and call it a night.

I was the most excited for our 4th day in Dubai as our itinerary said we had Desert Safari, and along with being a travel enthusiast I am also a big adventure junkie and the reviews of thrillophilia promised a good adventure. So, after having breakfast at our hotel, we first went to explore the famous Dubai Mall, which is so much more than just a mall. The Dubai Mall has the majority of entertainment sources in the entire city of Dubai. Finally, it was time for the Desert Safari where my adrenaline started rushing and my heart beat so fast as I rode the 4-wheeler vehicle to go to the highest sand dune and watch the sunset. When we were calming down from the excitement and watching the colours of the sky change, we were entertained by a show by local belly dancers who did a stunning job. We were surprised at the extravagant spread for dinner in front of us which had options for non-veg and veg along with sishas of various varieties.

The 5th day was when we had to bid goodbye to the beautiful city of Dubai. We had breakfast at our hotel and were dropped at the airport after all the check-out formalities. As sad as we were that our trip ended, we were also content knowing that we were going back with a truckload of memories, all thanks to the Thrillophilia reviews.

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