New Racing in Rally Games

Rally is a completely different kind of adventure, especially when it comes to off-road riding. Not all gamers like this genre, but it still has its own audience of fans, and they appreciate this genre primarily for its requirement for reaction speed and skill in manoeuvring the character of the gamer.

There are many games in the rally genre but it is rare to find good ones. Demolition Derby 2 is among such games — that is an exciting racing simulator that will surely appeal to all fans of rally games. In this article, we describe some excellent projects in this genre.

WRC The Official Game

It is the official game of the publisher of the same name, which is sensitive to the issue of gameplay and mechanics in its projects. It has full licensing from car brands, pilots and racing tracks. Also, it is included in the genre of simulator. However, there are not enough details to pay for the features and benefits in this game — performance is in question too.

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

This series of games is popular with gamers and almost all fans of the Android games appreciate the project. All races in this project are licensed, and the game itself retains many other features of off-road racing. This game has several game modes and offers its users some daily missions that allow them to get rewards and increasing gaming experience. This game does not require much performance from smartphones and tablets, as well as other games of this series.

Rush Rally 3

This game is considered one of the best racing simulators in the world. Despite this, it operates on a paid subscription basis and has much more strengths than The Official Game. It is one of the few projects that runs on 60 FPS and implements all the visual benefits that the developers have put into this game. It also has optimised gameplay and mechanics, and you can play this game both in online and offline modes.

Rally Fury — Extreme Rally Car Racing

This is another excellent racing project that will appeal to you due its extreme speeding sports car. This project will please you by its visual quality and the ability to play both solo and multiplayer mode. In order for gamers to realise this, developers offer them artificial intelligence, which challenges gamer challenges and makes gameplay more fun.

There are more games that we want to describe in this article:

  • Pocket Rally LITE is a game that you can download in the official Android store, Google Play. However, it is a special game that differs from the popular Illusion Magic Studio. First of all, the differences lie in the number of parameters and unique features that this game offers to users. They help gamers modify the visual component of the project, for example, you can control the camera angle and adjust the different controls of your sports car.
  • There is no more pure racing simulator than Rally Racer Dirt. Thus, the tracks are divided into stages, and cars on models, the body of which resembles real racing cars. This game offers users’ different types of game mechanics, which are unified gameplay and therefore you will surely like some features of this game. High level of detail of graphics and movement is among them.
  • MUD Rally Racing is the last game on our list that we can’t get around. The fact is that it is a beautiful and realistic game. Thus, it is a very unique game that has easy control, convenient gameplay and beautiful 3D graphics. However, the most unique factor of this project is its inclusion of a co-driver, which helps the gamer drive a sports car by his tips. This is a feature that makes racing in this game more realistic and exciting. Also, it is simply a beautiful game, the visual component of which is sure to enjoy all gamers.

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