NFTS and Branding

NFTS is the short form of Non-Fungible Token. NFTS is a term used to explain the digital certificate for authenticity. It allows the buyers to buy or purchase digital goods and take ownership. Although you don’t own it in physical terms you do have it in the digital world. To understand the term NFTS we will emphasize the term ‘Fungible’. It means something can be exchanged for something of equal value or worth. Something is fungible if it can be traded for another currency if required. NFT is Non-Fungible Token, is the digital identifier that is used to verify the ownership in Block Chain. It is recorded and also transferred for the selling and trading purpose.

It’s a “Data Unit” a kind of block chain so anyone can trade. Different platforms are available to buy such data units or types of block chain trade. Anyone can use it without seeking any permission but the ownership remains with you. Moreover, as your ownership is stored and registered in the digital ledger, it is shared across thousands of block chains or computers.  Additionally, it is quite impossible to hack it as the system is foolproof. They can easily be bought or sold just like any product including property. Nevertheless, the NFTS is tokenized. This means that it is a digital certificate of ownership that makes it peculiar. The ownership acquired is stored in a digital ledger which is known as a ‘Block chain’. No one can change the ownership without your permission and thus, you retain your uniqueness.  Although, you are allowed to sell it to others or sell a portion of it.

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In the modern era where everything is getting digital/, NFTS is a new norm. They have already revolutionized the market space. A myriad of multinationals, huge corporations, and brands have put up to tokenize their products and services. NFTS are digital files. They can be a piece of real estate, art, video, and much more. Files are turned into NFTS that assist in securing them. The security is done via block chain which allows buying, selling, to trading. This effectively reduces the chances of fraud.

NFTS is a brilliant way to sell virtual merchandising. Nowadays, brands are opting for NFTS. In UAE the trends reveal the immense popularity of NFTS and branding.  NFTS momentum has been built in the UAE in 2021. UAE is leading in NFT innovation, ownership, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurship. According to recent studies, the percentage of the UAE population with NFT is more than double compared to the world average. This indicates interesting facts and the interest of UAE people in NFT.

More interesting facts reveal that the UAE population knows about NFTS and more than 11% are planning to invest in them. Currently, the UAE ranks at number 4 in the world’s NFTS ownership in the world. There has been consistent growth in the popularity of NFTS and UAE is on the verge to become the global crypto asset hub in the near future. Viewing the skyrocketing interest of the Emiratis in NFT in May 2022, it was announced to launch the Dubai Museum of the Future. It is the very first NFT collection aptly known as ‘the most beautiful NFTS meta verse’.

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