Printing a T-shirt using a Heat Press Machine

Wearing a t-shirt with your name written on it makes you feel good and look classic. Many people wonder how they can get a t-shirt printed according to their desire; be it a name, a logo or a picture. This article will detail how to print a t-shirt using a heat press machine.

A heat press is a machine used to apply a substance called vinyl to clothes such as t-shirts, and bags to obtain desirable images. When applying for the transfers, a set time, temperature and pressure are used. Using a heat press produces good results and is easy and faster.

The procedure of printing t-shirts using a heat press machine

1. Heat press settings

Connect your press to power and then turn it on. Note the kind of transfer you are applying to avoid losses. Follow the directions in the user manual to obtain the accurate time, pressure and temperature. Ensure you set the temperature and pressure correctly.

Then set the time. Some heat presses could have the timer, while others don’t. In case the one you have doesn’t use a stopwatch. Once the press reaches the required temperature, close it for about30-35 seconds to give the lower platen a chance to heat up. It is only done at the beginning of the process.

2. Setting up the t-shirt

Smoothly lay your garment on the t shirt printing machine. Ensure there is no folding in that the surface is flat. In case there are obstructions such as zippers and buttons, try to avoid them. If unable, change the platen to a different size.

3. Pre-pressing process

Lock the heat press for about 4 seconds to remove moisture in case there is. Moisture will come out as a steamy cloud leaving a rectangular patch on the t-shirt.

4. Transfer positioning

Place the transfer on the part you want it applied. Close the heat press and wait until the time set has ceased.

5. Removing the transfer paper

Peel off the transfer paper after an application is completed. Take caution to avoid getting burnt by the hot transfer paper. Ensure you follow the instructions provided on the form since transfer papers differ. Repeat the same process if you want both sides to have the same image.

Advantages of using a heat press machine

  • It is easy to use since it has a manual instructing you on how to operate it.
  • It is cheap as compared to other printing machines.
  • It can be used on both cotton and polycotton materials.


  • The colors are applied separately, thus making it time-consuming and difficult.
  • For fabrics that are coated, screen printing becomes difficult


In summary, you can start your t-shirt printing industry and become a boss. You only require a heat press machine of good quality and a passion for doing business.

It is important to know that many people have become wealthy out of this kind of business. As a result, purchasing heat press machine will be worthwhile.