Progressive Jackpots in Gambling

Progress does not stand still, and every day there are more and more alternatives to gambling. These alternatives are associated not only with the emergence of new slots or other games but also with the payment methods for participating in these games. The emergence of cryptocurrency in the world has revolutionized financial systems and led to its deep integration into the world of online gambling. Now players do not need to have cash or replenish their accounts to play with cards to play. At the moment, Dogecoin games are starting to gain more and more popularity.

Dogecoin Gambling

Dogecoin is a breath of fresh air in the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency will make the game more accessible, safer, and more diverse in the world of online gambling with doge at 7BitCasino. The rules for using the Doge cryptocurrency are absolutely accessible and understandable for both new users and professionals, so the player will easily make all transactions on a casino website.

Games with Dogecoin – Diversity as It Is

Casino websites provide players with a huge selection of Dogecoin games. Their variety includes thousands of games. Each user will be able to find a game for their preferences and tastes. Some platforms also provide their players with demo versions of games so that they can try the slot without betting and understand if they want to play it or not. And, of course, table games and slots remain the most popular games with Dogecoin among users.

Such providers as BGaming and BSG have designated slots where you can make bets with cryptocurrencies, including DOGE. These include Four Lucky Clover, Hooked by Booming, Monster Pop, and many other slots.

Each slot has a specific list of rules and explanations for combinations. These slots can be divided into two types: classic and progressive.

In classic slots, users can take only a certain maximum jackpot that this slot allows, and in progressive slots, all bets made are accumulated and, as a result, form one big jackpot.

Board games are just as varied and interesting. Poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat – players can find all of them on contemporary casino sites. Also, the user will be able to choose with whom he/she wants to play; it can be either a live person, for example, in Live Casino, or a computer.

The Best Format to Play with Dogecoin

The player chooses the Dogecoin game format that is convenient for them. There are three formats for playing on Dogecoin:

  1. The classic version of the game on the PC.
  2. Mobile version of Dogecoin casino. This version is supported on both phones and tablets. You can replenish your account balance with just one click using a wallet with crypto. This version is absolutely identical to the PC version and has no limitations.
  3. Live Dogecoin Casino. In this version, the rules of the game also do not change, the user can make bets with Dogecoin, but the format changes – now, all games take place in real-time with a real dealer

Benefits of playing at Dogecoin

The fact that gambling sites accept crypto provides the best conditions for Dogecoin casino games:

  • Availability. Now games with Dogecoin are available all over the world without any restrictions.
  • No commission on money transactions.
  • Anonymity. No identity verification is required to play at a casino with Dogecoin.
  • Now money with Dogecoin is credited to the player’s account even faster than with other currencies.


Thanks to the imminent technology update and the emergence of Dogecoin, it has become even easier and more enjoyable to play. Dogecoin gambling sites offer a huge number of advantages for games, as well as nice bonuses for all users. Among the nice bonuses, you can get a welcome bonus, a first deposit bonus, and many others. 

Playing with Dogecoin has become safer and easier because now you don’t have to wait for fiat money to enter your account. Therefore, it is better to see once than to hear many times. Enjoy exciting and affordable gaming with Dogecoin.

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