Rep Jordan 4 – How to Spot a Fake Jordan

If you’re looking to buy a pair of Rep Jordan 4 sneakers, you might be wondering if they’re authentic or fake. Here are a few signs that you’re looking at a fake pair. You can also see the colorways of these sneakers. You’ll probably want to start with the classic black/red-white colorway, and you can work your way up to more exotic options.

Authenticity of Air Jordan 4

When buying a Jordan, you can use several factors to determine the authenticity of the shoe. One of these is the price. If you see a price that is too low, it is likely to be a fake Jordan 4. Secondly, the shoe should have a unique product code. The product code should match the product box. Finally, the stitching should be consistent throughout the shoe. A cheap Jordan is a likely fake.

Another sign of authenticity is the toe box. The toe box of an authentic Air Jordan 4 will have a wider bottom curve. Conversely, the toe box on a fake will be narrower and sharper. Also, the heel of the real shoe will be bumpy and the fake will have a flat one.

Authenticity of rep Jordan 4

A common way to distinguish fake and authentic Jordan 4s is by looking at the inside of the shoe. Authentic pairs have a darker and more defined insole than their replica counterparts. They should also have a consistent stitching pattern. Look for features such as the toe-box cage and heel tab. In addition, you should notice the shape of the shoe’s tongue tag.

To check if a pair of shoes is authentic, take a look at the inside of the shoes from two different angles. Also, make sure to look at the size tag on the box. It should contain the correct information. You can also check the tongue label, which is the most common method of authenticating a pair.

Common indicators of a fake Jordan 4 pair

There are several ways to detect a fake pair of Air Jordan 4 sneakers. Some of the most obvious indicators are the size tag and the stitching pattern. These features are the most reliable ways to distinguish a fake pair from a real one. Fake versions often feature crooked stitching and bold text. These simple clues will let you identify a fake pair in seconds.

Moreover, the appearance of the cage and the logo are two other important signs of fake pairs. The wings of a real pair are evenly distributed, while those of a fake pair may be attached to one another or be a lump. In addition, a fake pair will have a lopsided Jumpman or have strange proportions. You can also look for the “midsole point”, the transition point from the side fabric to the front part of the shoe. A real pair will have a rounded midsole point, while a fake pair will have a blunt tip.

How to spot a fake Jordan 4

There are several ways to spot a fake Air Jordan 4 sneaker. One of the best ways is by comparing the stitching. A real Air Jordan 4 has tight and consistent stitching, while a fake has crooked stitching. You can also compare the size of the tongue of the shoe. This way, you’ll be able to determine which is a fake and which is a real one.

Another way to tell a fake is by checking the inside label. An inauthentic Jordan’s label will have irregular font, misspellings, or a different color or shape. A fake’s tongue tag may not even have a retail tag, and its stitching may be bad. The manufacturer’s date is also a tell-tale sign. A fake’s date is inconsistent, while a genuine one will have a sharp point near the bottom lace hole.

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