Review for Pocket Option Affiliate Program Review

The Pocket Option review appeared on the binary options market not too long ago, but it immediately was noticed with its functional trading platform, and a variety of options and offers for traders. Brokerage firm Pocket Option appeared on the market in the year 2016 and gained interest due to its excellent trading conditions and extensive possibilities for trading on the platform.

It doesn’t hide its preference for the young generation of users, however, the more experienced traders tend to be more skeptical of it, but they do like all new technologies. The primary issue with trade platforms lies in the fraud of sites that are third party.

Brokers provide trades in the express market. Traders can make trades on more than 100 instruments of trading by using digital options or copies of trades. Furthermore, you can use indicators and trading signals.

Advantages and disadvantages

The program doesn’t have any major disadvantages that you must pay particular attention to. We’ve tried to create an uncomplicated comparison table:


  • A variety of promotional materials
  • It is the presence of the “Frequently asked Questions” block, in which you can get answers to problems with functionality;
  • In the news section, they provide information on innovations and the growth of the business
  • Within the category “Competitions” you can find attractive offers that offer cash prizes.


  • Possible failures during system update
  • To deposit or withdraw money, you need to pass the test of verification

Profile provides

The program offers 4 profiles for partners:

  • Normal
  • Premium
  • VIP
  • IB

The more profile-specific the higher the profile, the more profitable products become. This is a great way to inspire partners to do their best and to increase their levels. The advantages of each profile are shown in the table below.

How do I become a partner?

Pocket Option affiliate review allows you to take part in every survey and take your decision to join the organization. To join Pocket Option, you have to comply with a brief instruction and devote a few minutes:

  • Create an account

You must enter all the information requested by the program. Then, confirm your registration.

  • Learn more leads

The amount of bonuses and commissions will be based on the number of customers that are brought on the platform.

  • Receive a fee for the activities of traders who are attracted.

The affiliate campaign you choose to work with will determine the commission, campaign and the affiliate status, the commission might be different.

If we look at the process more in depth the procedure is that you have to sign up (enter your email address and username and password) without confirmation via email. After that, visit the “My Affiliate Discounts” section, then the “My Affiliate Discounts” section, then copy and paste on your site an affiliate link that is standard and to make a new one, visit the block that has the same name. Next, create a name, decide on the kind that the offer is (commission from profits and turnover from net turnover from deposits, profit or CPA) and indicate the need to apply promo code, decide what amount you will earn in cashback and after which select “Create”;

To choose promotional materials, your partner must go to the section that bears the same name. You should and familiarize yourself with the options:

  • banners
  • landing pages
  • banners of sub-partners
  • registration forms
  • Banners to promote social networks.

If you are required, filter by size, language and kind after which select “Get code” and then place an URL to the resource to get a pocket option promo code. Once that is done, you need to wait for approval before it can join the list of partners.

In order to obtain information regarding user actions, currency accruals and conversion rates for the user, the user needs to visit”Analytics” or the “Analytics” Section. To withdraw funds from the account you must locate the”Payments” block, then the “Payments” block and then click “Request withdrawal” and select the amount, and then choose the procedure.

Pocket Option is a broker platform that was created by experts in investment and trading. It is an easy, simple and easy method of trading and provides numerous incentives. One of them is a variety of bonuses.

Bonuses are additional funds offered by brokers for trading. When you add them to your deposit, you get a larger amount of money to trade. This means that your earnings are also massive.

How do I get Pocket Option Bonus Deposit?

Here are a few steps you must do in order to qualify for that deposit bonus.

  • Visit the Pocket Option website and open an account.
  • Verify the account using the directions given.
  • After you’ve verified your identity, head to the menu, then click on Promo and bonus after which you’ll be redirected to the Cabinet page.
  • On the right side of this page there’s on the right side of the page a “Get 50 Bonus” orange banner Click it.
  • Select your preferred payment method to invest. You can choose from a variety of card types, including debit cards (Visa, MasterCard etc. ), e-payments(WebMoney, Perfect Money etc. ), mobile money, and cryptocurrency(Bitcoin, Binance Pay & coin, Litecoin, Coinbase etc. ).
  • Keep depositing the money and then check the balance of your account. Make sure you complete all your information correctly.

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