Stay Two Steps ahead of Constipation During Your PMS | All You Need to Know

The most annoying and distressful situation during your periods is pretty common constipation which results due to disruption in hormonal balance. This condition is quite miserable till the appearance of concerning symptoms like intense pain; otherwise, you don’t have to worry. To know the basic reasons why it occurs during periods and how to stay away from constipation, must read on!

Why Constipation Occurs?

1.      Underlying Situations

Certain health conditions make you more prone to be constipated during PMS, i.e., endometriosis or irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

2.      Disruption of Hormonal Balance

Before your periods, levels of the Progesterone hormone are built up that boss the risk of constipation during or during your periods.

How to Deal With Uncomfortable Constipation?

During your menstruation, being constipated is not fun at all!

You can do several things to minimize this risky situation in your day-to-day life.

1.      Activate Your Body with a Proper Exercise

Through physical movements during a workout, the contents are always moving in your intestine. Periods are something you hate in life, but the scary thing is not to have them.

Motivating yourself to exercise during your periods is such a daunting task, but the more hectic is dealing with cramps without exercise. Walking for 15 minutes is more than enough.

2.      Get A Balanced Diet Full of Fibers

Fibers in your diet boost your digestive system activities by increasing the size of your stool. Due to hormonal changes, the system of body slows down, but these constipation-fighting foods like beans, apples, leafy greens, lentils, and whole grains help you to boost your system.

3.      Maintain the Levels of Water

As water is needed for your survival, it is also a crucial portion during your menses to avoid constipation. This watery content is obtained from juicy fruits and foods like soups.

You can add a few lemon drops in warm water (that is quite an outstanding remedy) to avoid constipation if you are bored of having plain water. You don’t need to stick to tap water; you can also drink sparkling water.

4.      You Should Try Some Mild Laxatives

Firstly contact your healthcare provider. Then if he prescribes some laxatives, you can effortlessly buy them at any drugstore. Beware to use these drugs because they can make you addicted by using them for a long. Before being addicted, one must read the pack details carefully.

5.      Break the Habit of Holding Your Bowel Movements

You don’t need to wait for a bathroom time break; that will make the situation of constipation worse. Your already hard stool makes it more difficult and painful if you are ready to go to the bathroom after nature calls you.

Therefore you should try not to hold it for a while. Constipation is a miserable situation in itself but can also cause a hectic period of pain.


Hope these management techniques are helpful enough for you to deal with painful menses and persistent constipation during it. If you are seeking products for PMS relief (i.e., cramps plus menstrual relief creams, PMS gummies, cramp roll-ons, oral drops, etc.), you can blindly trust Holief!