Tech trends 2022: a small press review

That’s the thing with trend predictions.

It doesn’t matter who “sets” the trends, who propagates them and who ultimately believes in them – in retrospect, forecasts are usually rather amusing to read. We predicted, based on surveys and market studies, a focus on big data and AI-supported analytics methods. The reality that materialized just a few weeks later was of course a completely different one: Who would have guessed that QR codes and zoom meetings would become the tech trends of the early 1920s?

Digital Twins and AI in E-Commerce

In it they deal with a number of interesting topics that tech enthusiasts keep on their radar: Tech democratization and hyper automation in public administration , for example, both sound like desirable future scenarios, and that cybersecurity is becoming a red hot topic seems highly evident in these turbulent times. What we liked best about their forecast: The rise of the digital twins, i.e. data-based simulations of products, production chains and even entire company branches, naturally makes us prick up our ears. But we have to see the predicted invasion of artificial intelligence in e-commerce before we believe it.

Video Content

There are a huge number of ways to get content we like. Majority of internet users enjoy watching video content more than reading for example. They think that videos are easier to digest and fun to watch. Most of the influencers use Twitch as a main platform for online marketing. To reach a larger audience, you should get more help from the Twitch experts.

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