The Most Common Injuries Caused in Pedestrian Accidents in Houston

Pedestrian accidents are the most common type of accident in the Houston area. Many factors contribute to these accidents, including pedestrian inattention and distracted driving. These accidents have serious consequences for pedestrians and drivers alike. And in such cases, it is essential for the injured pedestrians to work with an experienced Houston personal injury attorney for help.

Houston pedestrians may sustain serious injuries in accidents involving motor vehicles. Depending on the number and severity of the injuries, such accidents can be life-changing. In fact, as many as 30 percent of all traffic fatalities involve pedestrians. In Houston, pedestrian accidents are among the most common types of road accidents, and it is important for injured victims to learn about their legal rights under the law.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the top causes of pedestrian injuries in Houston, so that you can know the risks involved with walking on foot or driving your car.

  • Cuts or lacerations

The most common injuries from traffic accidents are cuts or lacerations. A pedestrian may suffer cuts, scrapes, abrasions, or other injuries when their body is pulled into the moving parts of a motor vehicle in an accident. In some cases, such as when a pedestrian is struck by the side mirror of a passing car and then dragged along the road, they may suffer serious lacerations and scrapes.

  • Broken bones

Pedestrians who are involved in accidents with motor vehicles can suffer serious broken bones. In some cases, such as when a pedestrian is thrown onto the windshield or hood of a passing car, their leg bones may be fractured. Victims may also suffer foot fractures if their feet are struck by the wheels of a passing vehicle.

  • Torn ligaments

Injuries that result from accidents with motor vehicles may cause torn ligaments. Torn ligaments can limit the movements of a victim’s limbs. They can also cause significant pain and result in swelling.

  • Spinal cord damage

Traffic accidents can cause damage to the spinal cord or the nerves going from the brain to the legs and arms. Depending on the location of such injuries, victims may experience paralysis. Victims may also have difficulty in breathing or urinating.

  • Amputations

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can result in amputation or loss of a limb. This is especially true if the accident involves a passing truck or bus. Pedestrians may also suffer injuries to their hands and feet if they are caught between the moving parts of a motor vehicle.